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Thread: Tips to choose the right monitor size

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    Tips to choose the right monitor size

    While upgrading from old to new, anyone can be confused to find which one is best. Today we have mostly widescreen flat panel monitors available in the market. But which one fits well to your needs. Ample of manufacturer forces more on the features offering a vibrant contrast ratio, great color quality and other stuff which will be never used. Buying a good quality monitor is necessary because you are going to use it for longer period. Here the first thing is to choose the size, then go the type of monitor and then goes the budget. Many people blindly purchase monitors and later on when they go for watching movies or play games on it, they found the output quality poor. That is because, those models does not belong to that specific. Monitors can be classified as LCD, LED, IPS, etc. The most commonly and budget models comes under LCD LED. This type of monitors are a mixture which is affordable and provides good video output. What matters is detail pixels that can add more to the image clarity. Below you can find some quick tips.

    Monitor Size:
    First thing is to choose the right size of monitor you want. Do not get fascinated with a big screen. Because it can cause blurry issue on your low resolution video. So you must choose a standard size only. Between 18 to 23 inch will be more than enough. This size monitors are good for gaming, web surfing, day to day work ,etc. Due to standard size you can play low resolution videos on them and there will be no blurry issue. Most of the widescreen monitor offers you a aspect ratio of 16:9. Which is a HD resolution and works really well with all multimedia files. Widescreen monitors are commonly found and many prefer it. It is better to choose a mid size. Going for smaller one can cause problem while reading. Here you have to choose to hook multiple monitors while playing games. So that you can get a more broader resolution.

    Type of monitor: This is the second thing to check. In market you can find LCD, LED, HD, FullHD, LED Backlit LCD, Plasma, etc kind of monitors. The better they are the more costly they will be. It is always better to go for LED Backlit LCD monitor. Because they are more vibrant. The color output is crisp and the brightness is also awesome. You can view good quality images and videos on them. LCD are not so fair enough because they lack proper output from different viewing angle. LED backlit LCD monitor starts from price of Rs.6000. The cheapest model I found on web is Dell IN1930 with 18.5inch screen size. This monitor offers you HD support also. But if you want a more better one AOC E2243FW2K offers you a 22.5inch screen size. It has a Full HD display that gives vibrant screen output.

    Features & Connectivity: This is the last thing you must check. Always check the connectivity options first. Today using a usb is very common on many monitor, home theater system and dvd players. A usb connection allows you to play movies and photos directly from a pen drive. You can also listen to your favorite song. Other thing which matter is to check that the monitor that you are going to buy must be capable of reading all kind of video. audio and image format. That is another time saver. Speakers are not really needed. But if you can find speaker attached in the monitor then you can use it like a TV also. Usb, HDMI, VGA, etc are the prime type of connectivity option which every monitor must have. So that you can enhance your screen output by connecting your pc over hdmi.

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    Re: Tips to choose the right monitor size

    LCD are more cheaper here. Now here I think this Full HD feature is not really so helpful. Because everything depends on the type of video you are playing. If you have a good resolution video then surely the output will be best. For connectivity usb type of stuff are great for LCD TV's because there you do not require to connect a pc or any third party device for media streaming.

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    Re: Tips to choose the right monitor size

    Price comparison must be also taken into consideration. Because that also matters a lot. First you must define a budget. Later on you can make a list of different monitor and choose the best one among all. Going for a 18.5inch is not bad at all. I am using a LED monitor by LG which works really fine and has a vibrant output. Contrast ratio and brightness are the two things which matters. There are great models available under Gaming series. But they are simply costly.

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