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Thread: Beginner Tips for Dead Island Riptide

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    Beginner Tips for Dead Island Riptide

    Dead Island Riptide is a horror survival game. The game features a lonely island populated by zombies. You will have to make your way out and reach to the safest part. The game has awesome graphics and lots of challenging level to play. This short article will give you a set of beginners tips for the game. You can just go through the same and learn some basic skills here to survive in the game and play for longer time. There are ample of weapons in the game but for that you will have to collect ammo which are also easy to find. But they are some more things that can keep you live longer. The game also features side quest and collectible. Do not forget to play the side quest and get all collectible to gain more upgrades.
    1. Hard Kick : You can hit the zombie with a kick. This will put the zombies down instantly. So if you are not having any weapon then instead of using your hand try to kick the zombies.
    2. Team Quest : In the game menu under Team section you can find New Question. There are some side quest which are played by different characters. You must play them to get more upgrades. You can earn a good amount of money here.
    3. Health Packs : At some moment you will feel like dying. Do not waste time and use health packs. A health pack cost $500. But if you die you will lose $2000 in the game. So which one is cheaper here.
    4. Loaded Fury Meter : Fury Meter lies on the top side. When it is completely full, then it will just turn you in a killing machine. It offers devastating powers in your hand and you can kill a more higher number of groups.
    5. Climb Climb : When you see that zombies is attacking you, instead of pushing your self in the group party, better climb on something. And then shoot or throw grenades. This will bring down more number of zombies.
    6. Use the Suiciders : Suiciders are weird crap zombies. They are best to kill a complete horde. When it follow you slowly move hear the pack of other zombies and then sprint away as soon as you can. A single suicider can kill large groups.
    7. Food and Pain Killers : Do not forget to collect this both items. This are the simple one which allows you to earn a good amount of XP in the game.
    8. Upgrade : Whenever you get enough money do not hesitate to go inside the buyers column. Buy new upgrades and keep your self updated. So that you can just pass through more levels. As the chapters ends up the new brings more challenging zombies.

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    Re: Beginner Tips for Dead Island Riptide

    I like that kick part. This really works. Sometime the zombies just charge upon you. By kicking them you get some more time to adjust yourself. And also it hits harder compare to punches. I carry some object with me always. But when there are a bunch of zombies from all side, it becomes a bit complicated to deal with them. The game misses some good amount of devastating weapons. They can also add a missile launcher something through which from a distance we can kill a huge horde.

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    Re: Beginner Tips for Dead Island Riptide

    One thing I want to suggest here is always keep some cutting weapons with you. They act as a good alternative when ammo is over. You can cut the arms of zombies which slows them down. Fury Mode is one of the best thing added here. But it takes time to fill up. It is really awesome. In the game at some place you will find crafting benches. Use them. They are really helpful. Through a set of elements you can create a lethal weapon here. Like you can simply make a regular baseball more devastating by adding nails on it.

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