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Thread: Tips to add Best Desktop effects for Android Smartphone

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    Tips to add Best Desktop effects for Android Smartphone

    In this thread I am going to give you a short list of best applications which you can use to customize your android desktop. This apps are simply design to add eye popping effects on your android phone. Some of them are paid and some of them are free. But if you really want to change the traditional look then must go for it. Most of them are launchers. Some are simply designed to give you a 3D effects with a complicate new type of theme. So one by one you can checkout the features of those launchers and get the one that you liked the one. Ample of launchers are optimized for ICS. But there are chances to get for the older edition also. Still on Google Play you can see tons of free and paid launchers. I am just giving you the best among them and hope you will like it.

    Go Launcher Ex : This one of the best free launcher available. It adds awesome effects on the screen with more performance and better battery output. The launcher delivers a smooth transition effect with thousands of themes on the same. It is not just a launcher but more than that. You get improved gesture features on the same with better widgets and more appropriate android management tools. I will called this a complete pack. It not only gives you a different kind of transition effect on your screen but also makes it look a bit different.

    Smart Launcher : This another good launcher which is great in terms of simple design. Compare to Go Launcher Ex, this one is more light. It is more appropriate and has better UI. It offers you a simple theming design with easy to use icons. It offers you a simple catalog of all applications on your smartphone. The best thing about using this launcher is that it offers you adding apps on the basis of categories. So that makes your sorting job more easier. You can configure different sizes of live wallpaper on the same with ample of widget support. de the status bar.

    Nova Launcher Prime (Paid): If you are looking for more customization option where you can add and remove various things then Nova Launcher is the best one here. This launchers features a app drawer. Where you can keep more than one applications at the same place and access the same instantly. It offer you to add unlimited number of custom tabs through which you can simply manage different accessibility feature. Along with you can simply arrange tha application on different tabs and browser. Also it is a bit ow on memory and works well for smartphone.

    ADW.Launcher : This is quiet similar to Nova. But it has more option for customization. It is for those who are really crazy about creating different android desktop. Due to ample of customization option you can do anything in it. You can add tons of skins or themes are per your need. You can simply adds docks, icons, folders on the desktop. It allows you to group your applications. You can configure every item on this launcher. Nothing is locked. Gesture control, action bar, screen editor, folder tweak, appwidget picker, etc are some of the best features.

    Next Launcher 3D (Paid): Now this is something I really liked. The best 3D launcher available. It has some of the best transition effects. Also on the same hand it is a bit heavy on the mobile also. The launcher features a awesome 3D screen with many animation effects. You can simply modify that and change the look of your home screen. At a single time you can choose more than one application. The Home screen is easy to customize. There is a dock provided on the home screen which is easy to rotate. also. The launcher offers you a set of 3D widgets and various themes.

    SPB Shell 3D (Paid): SPB Shell is a popular launchers which also comes for windows device. This time it is more ehanced and has a cooler look. Everything on this launcher is animated. It can just convert your device into 3D devices. It simply adds 3D widgets on the home screen which very attractive. It is also smoother. It is recommended for devices which are haivng a better hardware config. It will not work well on old devices. The interface is quiet advance here.

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    Re: Tips to add Best Desktop effects for Android Smartphone

    I am using TSF Shell here. It is another good launcher. The only problem with this launcher is that it brings all the icons on the home screen.There is no menu at all. I liked the transition effect on the same. Before that I was using a free edition of Go Launcher. It is cool but it has a bit problem with the performance. It does not work on old device. I am soon going to test SPB here. I had seen the launcher on my friends tablet. It has nice animated widgets.

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    Re: Tips to add Best Desktop effects for Android Smartphone

    Whatever launcher you are using you must check the effects on it. The more animated it is the more it will be consuming the battery power. Where you cannot do anything to fix the problem. I am having a Samsung Tablet which has proprietary UI TouchWiz. It is simply great and simple. Works fine with minimum effects and the battery life is also not bad. I had installed Next Launcher on that due to which the battery drains out really fast. I do not think there is any launcher available which can be light on the battery.

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