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Thread: How to boost up Android Mobile phone for better performance

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    How to boost up Android Mobile phone for better performance

    Android phones are getting common day by day. And there is some kind of problem with the performance also. But here I am going to give you some quick tips. By which you can simply improve the android performance to get extent. So there are some thing that can be done to make your smartphone work more properly. The most easy thing you can try here is simply installing a system tuner application. This would be the most easiest option. There are ample of system tuning applications available on Google Play that will guide you for the process. You can simply download the same and then test back. One of them is System Tuner Pro. This is one of the best application that can help you to deal with the problem you are facing. If this does not work then there are some manual process also which which can help you to fix the problem. Just go through the same below :

    1. Uninstall un-necessary Applications - I had seen that that people simply install a number of applications in their system. That simply result in slow performance. It is essential that you must simply remove unwanted applications that you are not using at all. This will improve the ram output to a bit. A number of time some installed application cause slow down as they collect regular updates from the web. There can be chances of application causing internal conflicts. There are simple uninstaller applications available on the web which can guide you for the process. I am sure that will help you.

    2. Avoid heavy application : A number of time multitasking applications are the common cause of slow performance. App likes heavy games and other software which keeps on running in the background like Facebook, etc makes the system to perform a bit slow. When this app already run in the background the smartphone divides its memory to other open programs that result in low output. So it is recommended that if your phone is low on ram (around 512MB) then better avoid that works on real time feed.

    3. Constant Updates : It is essential that you must simply update your device whenever needed. The latest firmware makes the device to work more better. Ample of time people install custom roms that cause common issues with the phone performance. But when you perform firmware updates it is more stable and act well. Google manages great improvements in every edition which includes updates that fixes stability, speed better performance and connectivity.

    4. Block Unwanted Software : The news Android OS like ICS is having options to turn of application that you are not simply using the same. It is quiet essential that you must simply turn off the application that you never use. You can simply go in Settings and then simply disable the app which is running on the background. So better use a third party tool if you are having a old OS and then check back.

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    Re: How to boost up Android Mobile phone for better performance

    One of the best way to fix the problem is using a High Speed Memory card on the pc. There are ample of memory cards on the web that are outdated and offer low speed. So just buy a high speed memory card. Phones with small internal memory can get boost after installing a high speed memory cards for maximum storage space.This will simply accelerate the performance. I am having a 8GB memory card that I bought from Kingston. It works fine.

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    Re: How to boost up Android Mobile phone for better performance

    I am having a Gingerbread device. I had simply added a number of widgets. But when I removed them the phone is working a bit fine. Widgets are always running in the background when you add them on the home screen. It is essential that you must simply turn them off and then check back. I am sure that will be more than enough to enhance the performance to some extent. When my system works slow I simply run a factory restore and the problem is solved.

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