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Thread: Tips to install Ubuntu on Android Tablet

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    Tips to install Ubuntu on Android Tablet

    It is possible to install Ubuntu on Android based tablet. Ubuntu has a Touch Version of OS package which is optimized for tablet devices. There were some recent hacks available that allows you to install a Linux distro no the tablet. But the performance was poor. Here we are going to see a few tips and tricks to add Ubuntu on Android OS on Tablets. It is recommended that your tablet must have alteast 1Ghz of latest ARM processor, 512MB RAM or Higher and a Mali400 or relative GPU. Or else the OS will give a poor performance. The next step remains here is to download all the collective packages which are needed to run Ubuntu. If you just want to test and stay on the safer side by avoiding system modification then you can go for an app which is available on Google Play. The name of app is OMG! Ubuntu! for Android. Just download and install it. It will just add the interface of Ubuntu on your screen giving a nice touch support. It is another great way of testing this latest Linux OS on the tab. Now there is another way of adding Ubuntu which is the manual process and it will replace your existing Android OS. You can find the download link on web. I am just gong to give you the process and codename to install the OS.
    • Galaxy Nexus - Maguro
    • Nexus 4 - Mako
    • Nexus 7 - Grouper
    • Nexus 10 - Manta

    Ubuntu only works on the unlocked version of Android devices. There are some universal package available which can help you to run the process. I do not want to give you un-necessary links that can cause serious damage to the mobile devices. Rightnow the packages which are provided are limited to some devices only. It is first necessary to unlock your device by intsalling CWM in your phone. And then taking backup of your existing ROM. So that incase if there is a problem you are simply restore the phone back.

    Process :
    • You will need more than 2GB of empty space in the microSD card.
    • Copy the img file of Ubuntu OS in the memory card of your tablet pc.
    • Then boot the system in recovery mode. Tap on install from SD Card and then select the img file.
    • The process will be over in few minutes. If everything goes well Ubuntu will be installed. But if you face error then you will need to restore your mobile device.
    • You can do that easily through CWM.

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    Re: Tips to install Ubuntu on Android Tablet

    Ubuntu does not really work well on Tablet's. It needs more better hardware config. The entire tab gets slower due to that. I tested an image file which I got on web. I want Ubuntu to use some applications of my office files. But they does not really work well. I am having some server configuration work that is done well through it while Android is a bit less secure. While for connectivity stuff I have to keep on installing a tons of new applications on the same. There is nothing default stuff available on the same.

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    Re: Tips to install Ubuntu on Android Tablet

    We might need to wait for that. Ubuntu officially is not having any version of tablet or touch interface. They are basically giving a touch based sample os which is not fully optimized and it is right that it makes your device to perform slower. It is recommended that you must wait back until there is any final version available which is completely compatible. The only thing that we can test well on android devices is different type of custom mods which offers more features and stability.

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