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Thread: Photo Sharing Tips for Android Smartphone

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    Photo Sharing Tips for Android Smartphone

    Android is one of the most popular mobile platform today. With decent UI and rich app support it allows you to get more functional benefits over others. One of the major changes recently occurred on devices is application of a good camera. But along with that the requirement of instant sharing also increases. It is not easy enough to share a HD files instantly. There are some easy by which you can make sharing more better. Through them you can sync your photos and share them without sending it through bluetooth. All you need to do is share your photo URL or album that's all. One of the most common way of sharing albums on mobile and on web is Picasa. But if you need more mobile friend applications then few are listed below. It uploads your photos on a web account with exact quality. Viewing is very simple here.

    Trover : This is one of the easiest photo sharing app available in the market which offers you sharing on the basis of location. It is great app with simple UI and looks awesome with photos. By adding the app in your mobile you can get a social networking type interface which handles images only. It is a cool app and must to try.

    Pixlr-O-Matic : If you love to add a bit more enhancement to your photos with sharing then you can go for Pixlr-O-Matic. The application offers you more than 100 effects. It is actually a web based application which is also available on android with much cooler effects. It has more higher number of changes and enhancement in terms of effects and layout.

    Streamzoo : It is one of the most widely used photo sharing community that allows you to share photos and you can also like them. It offers you a nice way of having all shared photos on your phone screen. It is also having a leader board that offers you popular images based on months and weeks. And the more like you earn there are maximum chances of having your photo on the leader-board.

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    Re: Photo Sharing Tips for Android Smartphone

    I am using Photobucket here. I am using this app from long time. I am not really looking for some kind of effects or additional enhancement. But just to share my images via a url and it is possible through it.

    It works really well in terms of image sharing. Upload is extremely easy and comfortable. Just through the url the images can be shared instantly with other people on the web and it works really nice. There is on problem at all.

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    Re: Photo Sharing Tips for Android Smartphone

    The best application according to me is LiveShare. It is a nice tool to share images through a image gallery. It has awesome looks. The web interface is more cooler here and offers a live service to share the files. It is very easy to manage also and allows you to add friends and view your shared content.

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