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Thread: How to Optimize Android Phone Performance

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    How to Optimize Android Phone Performance

    Android is one of the widely used platform on mobile. The latest edition of JellyBean. It is more optimized and faster compare to the predecessors. Now I am going to list some quick tips here that will tell you the process of optimizing your phone performance. There are number of things that can be turned off which boost the phone performance and in return will also improve the batter performance. Due to unwanted services running in the background the phone response slower. The issue also lies with tablet pc. This is because the user is not aware about background processors, and things that can be done to make the phone work faster. Before going with the manual process I am going to provide you a application that can do this instantly. It is called as One Touch Optimize.

    One Touch Optimize : This application is a android system optimizer which offer you more processing power. It clears the cache data which is created when you use the device. Also you can simply configure different options in the app to make your device work better. It offers you features like System Optimization, Process Management and Cache Clear. This can be done through single tap. So if you do not want to go through a manual process of doing the optimization you can use this app to make your phone work faster.

    Battery Optimization : Under this section we will check out how to boost the battery output. Low battery is one of the most common problem with Android devices. I had seen that even if you buy a costly device you cannot expect much from the battery. But you can improve the battery output through different ways. Reduce the screen brightness. Avoid using Live Wallpapers. Tunr of Wi-fi, GPS, Bluetooth and Mobile Data when not in use. Disable automatic app updates. Through this you can simply gain a few more hours of battery output.

    Task Manager : Download a good Task Manager application for android. This app is very handy in case of your phone or tablet perform slower. With single tap you can simply turn off all the background processes. Task Killers are available on Google Play with time based settings. You can configure them to turn off the background services at a regular interval. You can go in Settings > Manage Application and configure the apps that are loaded in the memory.

    Cache/History Cleaner : Using applications like Cache Clear, or 1Tap Cleaner, you can improve the performance to some extent. I am using 1Tap cleaner. This app works easily and clean out unwanted stuff from the device. You can wipe out phone logs, web page history, etc and make your device performance work more properly.

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    Re: How to Optimize Android Phone Performance

    There is one more way to enhance the performance of Android device. But for that you will need to root the device. Rooting adds additional benefit to the phone output. But it void the warranty. So it is essential that you must simply root when it is required and then you use some performance booster app to tweak the mobile phone and getting more out of it. There are ample of rooting tools available on the web that you can use it instantly unlock locked features of android devices.

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    Re: How to Optimize Android Phone Performance

    Your phone or tablet will work better if you do not overload the same with different applications. A number of time I had seen people keeps on installing games and applications on the system which makes it slower. The internal memory if overloaded with hd videos, etc your system will perform slower. It is essential that you must keep it clean and after a regular time interval perform factory reset. That will keep your device performance at a appropriate level.

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