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Thread: How to share documents and pictures with friends by using Google Drive

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    How to share documents and pictures with friends by using Google Drive

    Google Drive, now, is the new name for Google Docs. This online office suite, which is free and in constant evolution, offers 5 GB of space to store your text, tables and presentations. To access these files, you will need a device (PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet), Internet connection and a Gmail account.

    Step 1: Create your Gmail account

    If you do not have a Gmail account, go to the page
    Click Create a free account and follow the steps.

    Step 2: Go to your Drive space

    Open your Gmail inbox. To access your online documents, click Drive.

    In the Drive window, at the left pane there will be two folders: My Drive, which includes files that you create, and Shared with me, where you will find the files you are not the author for, but which other reviewers gave you rights to modify or read.

    Step 3: Create a document and renaming it

    Click the Create button and select the type (Text Document, Presentation, Spreadsheet ...). After that the Drive creates and opens the document in a new tab in your browser. You can easily switch your document to your Drive space. Here, there is no need to save: When you have finished working on a text, simply close the associated tab. To rename your text, right click on it and choose Rename.

    Step 4: Keep your favorite docs on hand

    If you frequently need to open documents from my files and Shared Drive with me, just mark them.
    In both cases above, click the star to the left of the file name. All files you have marked will be accessible via the Tracking tab.

    Step 5: Import and export Office files

    The Google Drive lets you store Word documents, Excel or PowerPoint - online. From the main screen, click the Import button and sweep the tree disk for the file. But these files appear as "read only." If you want to change, instead, copy and paste the contents into a Drive document (but only with the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V).
    Conversely, you can save your document on your hard disk drive. Open it up and pull down the File menu, format, then download and then select the file type. In this case, the file will not be shared. Or, work in offline mode.

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    Re: How to share documents and pictures with friends by using Google Drive

    Incase if anyone wants to upgrade from 5gb storage to 25 GB then they will have to pay approx $2.50 per month. Anyhow, it is good that this data can be accessed anywhere from either tablet, phone or other devices as well. We can also share this pics and documents with Google+ circles that we want to share as well.

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