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Thread: Tips to compress DATA at lowest size

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    Tips to compress DATA at lowest size

    Compression larger file to small size offer you great way of sharing them on internet. In this article I am going to show you reliable ways of compressing a file. I am only going to target reliable way of doing this so that there must be no data loss. But still there are chances. Because compressing simply modify the file extension. The tool that compress file turn it to something else, and the same file is converted back to its original position through it. The most popular compression software that we use widely in WinRAR. It is not great, but it is easy to use for small files. You can archive your photos inside single folder and gain some 10 to 20% of lower size. But what if you want to compress a 1GB video into 4 or 8 times lower in size. There are tools, which are used but they need a good system. The higher the file, the more time it will take. Compression requires good processing power. Lets check out what all options are available.

    KGB Archiver 2: It is a nice tool but not good in performance. This tool really gives result. KGB Archiver can help you to reduce your file size to great extent. There is a beta edition available for download on popular download website. The Archiver is capable of giving you more than 4x smaller size of existing file. It is great for big video files. The only issue with this compression utility is that it takes a bit long time to unpack the compressed file. It is nice but takes quiet long time to pack and unpack the files.

    LZMA Compression Utility : This utility is available for Linux based system. It is one of the best software available for data compressing. It is still under development but offers you great output for compressing files.The tool offers you a command and gui based mode to create compressed files. You can choose the archive format you want. Like Zip or any other with compression level. Along with this the utility also allows you to choose the amount of cpu core. LZMA can be good alternative for KGB Archiver.

    7zip : This is another popular and reliable compression utility available. I found it great for small file size. The tool is capable of giving you decent compression rate and also it is good on performance. Compare to zip and rar, 7zip offers you 10% to 20% more compression output depending on the type of files size. It is freely available on the web. Instead of using Winrar you can stick with 7zip to gain a bit more space while sharing files on web.

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    Re: Tips to compress DATA at lowest size

    I remember when I was using Winrar. I have to share a 500MB file on web. I have to break that in more than 10 pieces to get a decent share size. I uploaded that on a file sharing website and mailed the link to my friend. Today there are ample of options available. For example you can use Youtube to share video files. Your friends can simply stream that directly online without downloading the same.The same is applicable for photos and audio files.

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    Re: Tips to compress DATA at lowest size

    I had tested KGB and still using it. It really offers great compression rate, but it take very long time. I am downloading some games from torrent which are around 4GB in size. But the user has shared it under 1GB compressed archive which was done through KGB. It took more than 25 minutes to completely unpack it on a Core i5 system. It is good, but it is slow. I hope in future to get a much faster version of the same. After reading this I will take LZMA also.

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