Here I will show you the steps required for enabling Aero Glass on Windows 8. Before we precede with the installation steps you have to make sure that you are having below programs installed.
  • .Net Framework 3.5
  • Border Skin 0.2.9
  • Genuine and registered version of windows 8

Border Skin 0.2.9 works with all versions of windows 8. However, you won’t be able to enable Aero Glass in case you don’t have a legit version of windows 8. The reason is because you won’t be able to access the personalization features.

So if you have legit registered version of windows 8 and if you have downloaded and installed required programs then you can carry out below steps:

  1. Launch Borderskin
  2. Under “Skin and themes” tab, uncheck “Enable explorer skimming” and select a skin and color in the left pane.
  3. Save the changes that you have made and close Borderskin
  4. Right click on desktop and select personalize
  5. Enable High Contrast White theme
  6. Click on Color option at the bottom and let the Color and Appearance window open
  7. Enter “personalize” again and enable your old theme
  8. Save the changes that you have made and close Color and Appearance window and you are done.

You should see transparent window borders, if you find it blurry then you can uncheck “blur effect” under 'Effects' tab. If anyone has any doubt regarding the steps mentioned above then they can feel free to ask.