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Thread: How to remove FBI virus/Ransomware from a system

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    How to remove FBI virus/Ransomware from a system

    Many people have reported FBI virus/Ransomware attack on their system, So I am sharing some tips to get rid of it.

    What is Ransomware?
    It is a malicious program which after entering ones system restricts him/her to access the system until a ransom is paid. It displays below and similar warning message and asks one to pay for unlocking the system. It will disguise itself FBI. It is difficult to remove Ransomware but it’s not impossible. It can be removed by following below steps:

    • First boot in to Safe Mode with Networking, you just have to press F8 before Windows logo appears to boot in to it. After pressing F8 you will get black screen with below three options:
      Safe mode
      Safe mode with Networking
      Safe mode with command prompt
    • You have to select “Safe mode with Networking”
    • Once you have successfully booted in to it, download HitmanPro: Download here (32-bit), (64-bit) from its official site and copy it to usb flash drive.
    • Now plug same USB flash drive into a USB port of the infected computer, press Ctlr key and O key together.
    • When it gets recognized and appear as a drive than open it, now holding down Ctrl key double click HitmanPro file and keep Ctrl key pressed until HitmanPro window appears.
    • Ransomware should get stopped now, so click on Next button and check mark the box saying “No, I want to perform a one-time scan” and click on Next
    • Once scanning process gets completed, click on next, click on Activate free license and click on next again for removing ransomware.

    In order to be remove remaining threats you can use a bootable antivirus CD for scanning your system and removing the malware without booting in to windows. You can get one from the below ones:
    • Kaspersky Rescue Disk (230 MB)
    • Avira AntiVir Rescue System (240 MB)
    • Dr.Web LiveCD (180 MB)

    You can create a bootable antivirus CD by downloading any of the above antivirus iso image and burning in to a CD.

    Here is a short list of ransomware which are being encountered by many people these days.
    • Reveton ransomware (police trojan / virus)
    • FBI MoneyPak ransomware
    • U.S. Cyber Security ransomware

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    Re: How to remove FBI virus/Ransomware from a system

    I am aware of this malware and my system had got affected some weeks ago, I had used “Kaspersky Rescue Disk CD” for getting rid of it. One can find instruction for using Kaspersky Rescue Disk CD easily, best of luck.

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    Re: How to remove FBI virus/Ransomware from a system

    I sure hope the FBI actually does it's job and finds the thugs that are doing this. I'll bet ya they are not even in the U.S. Seems this is a federal offense last time I checked.

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