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Thread: Tips to create an ebook and publish it on Amazon

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    Tips to create an ebook and publish it on Amazon

    As most of us are familiar with ebooks today because of their wide spread, so here I am just sharing some tips that anyone can use for creating an ebook and publish it on Amazon.

    PDF is said to be the best format for creating an eBook, you can create PDF files using Adobe Acrobat. If you want then you can also create eBook in .doc format using Microsoft Word, later convert them into PDFs using some free online programming tool. Anyways before that there are some formatting things that need to be considered.
    Number and link – Each footer of each page of your ebook should have a link to your web presence like a logo or say your name.
    Visuals- You can use light fonts, colored headings, photographs for giving your ebook an interesting Visual, just make sure that you are using light images so that they don’t increase the download size gradually.

    There are different forms of ebook like Digital book, Manifesto, Bonus or archived content etc. The Digital book are the best bet because they have potential to achieve greatest gains but its creation takes more time as compared to Manifest and Bonus or archived content. Digital books can have whole lot of 150 + pages, you can really pack a lot off values in it. Manifesto and archived content takes less time for the creation as they include fewer pages.

    You should take creation of eBook seriously thinking that you will be a potential best-seller of it. Other than this I also wanted to add that your eBooks should have unique content from the web as they are inherited and spread beyond ones web presence. You can go through different sources of information for gathering your content. Once people begins to download and share your eBooks then you can re-edit them and make some changes so user takes it as update and download it as well.

    While creating an eBook you should go through it thoroughly and re-draft and recheck all the mistakes like spelling, grammar and so. In the start you can share it with some of your family members and friends to know their response and suggestions. Since they are the end users they will be able to give you better idea of your presentation and will inform you about the changes that might be needed as well. You should present them your eBook over paper copy as something’s might get missed from their eyes if it is on screen.

    Once you have crossed checked your eBook with your family and friends and if you are sure that you are having a final draft then you can convert it in to PDF. Like I have mentioned there are number of online converters and freeware programming tool that you can use for converting your file in to PDFs. While converting your eBook in to pdf you should make sure that your texts are appearing clear and crisp and they are not at all blur. It should look mostly like source, its colors, images and columns should be displayed properly. You should try making your pfd’s as small as possible so people don’t have any issue in downloading them as well as sharing them. As far as I am aware ideal size is said to be 1 megabyte but you can make up to 5 megabytes. Just try removing unnecessary images and use lighter version of them to make your pdf small in size.

    An eBook can be shared by different mean’s, a very good example of it is a blog. You can use Feedburner FeedFlare service for adding link below your feeds for publishing it. You can create archives and offer your eBook in different format through your blogs. You can also encourage people downloading ebook from your blog for sharing it, doing that will be a good source of free advertising. You can also use free file-hosting services for hosting your ebook, the best choice here will be amazon , you can simply visit this site and publish your ebook. It is one of the easiest and economical ways of publishing and sharing your ebook with millions of potential customers on Amazon.

    If anyone needs any further information and tips regarding creating and publishing ebook then they can feel free to ask here, I will surely try to guide and help them with possible suggestion and solutions.

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    Re: Tips to create an ebook and publish it on Amazon

    Good article Damiano, anyways I am just here to share some of the best sites where one can publish their ebooks and share it with millions of users.
    1. Amazon Kindle Store
    2. Barnes & Noble Nook Books
    3. Apple iBookstore
    4. Sony Reader Store
    5. Kobo
    6. Diesel eBook Store
    7. Google eBookstore
    8. Smashwords
    9. BookBaby
    10. Lulu
    11. FastPencil
    12. eBookIt

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