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Thread: Tips to create your own Personal Video website

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    Tips to create your own Personal Video website

    If you are willing to share your pictures and video’s with your friends and family that are in GB’s then you can create your own Personal Video website referring to the below tips. Personal Video website helps in staying in touch with friends and family and share pictures, videos that you might have captured. You don’t need to be a coder you simply have to be patient for creating a good looking Personal Video website.

    • The very first step is to choose a website builder software, you will find number of them and can choose one according to your desire to make the best out of it.
    • Next step is to find a host or a domain name, here the host is the company that will be storing the files of your website. You just have to set up an account and they can be free as well as paid so chose a host that fits the bets for you. If at all your host does not gives you a domain or sub-domain name then you can get one, it is not necessary to have one and is optional. It will be good if you go for a simple domain name as it will be east for your friends and family to remember it.
    • When you are ready with the same then you can decide the type of the content that you are willing to share. Other than this there are some great tools as well which will help you to share your thoughts on your front-page. You can use tools like photo galleries, a calendar, a guest-book or forum or an e-mail list.
    • You should also create a good logo for your Personal Video website, there are several programs for creating logo’s. If you want then you can use Corel Paint Shop Pro or other one that you desire.
    • For creating web pages you can use tools like HTML,Web-Publishing tool like Microsoft Frontpage or Macromedia Dreamweaver. Using them you have to create a good looking Home page with a small description of your website. If you want then you can also add some pages like Biography, Contact and so for making your site better.
    • Once you are ready with your website then you just have to Upload your pages and files to your root folder ("/"). For that you can use any FTP program. If you tend to use a FTP program then you will have to type " and click on Go. After that you will be prompted for username and password which you might have got from your host. so just enter the same and browse and upload the folders of your website and you are done!!!

    Additional tips:
    1. Do a research for host and get the one after comparing their prices with others.
    2. Check out host's agreement policy before applying for it.
    3. Make sure that your host supports most of the file type that you will be uploading and sharing.
    4. Keeping same layout and logo for all the pages of the website along with colors, font, and icons gives a good impression.
    5. Make sure that you are saving your website home-page as "index.html" so that visitors see it first when they visit your site.
    6. Don’t use copyrighted media if you are not a copyright holder or have permission from the latter.

    You can use any of the below software for create your own Personal Video website:
    • CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer
    • Serif WebPlus
    • Web Easy Professional
    • NetObjects Fusion
    • Evrsoft First Page
    • HTML-Kit Tools
    • AceHTML 6 Pro
    • UltraEdit
    • TopStyle
    • BestAddress HTML Editor

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    Re: Tips to create your own Personal Video website

    I will definitely give it a try but can you let me know some cheap hosting and domain providers?? And I hope the task is that easy as you have explained above. I guess creating the website will take most of the time right?? I also wanted to know which software you will recommend me to use from the above ones as I don’t have much idea about the coding but do a bit of idea about html. Help regarding this will be appreciated.

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    Re: Tips to create your own Personal Video website

    In that case you can go for AceHTML 6 Pro, it is a good software for beginner web developers and is quite easy to understand. It is an effective tool for creating professional Web sites but you can use the same for creating your own Personal Video website as well. This Software meets all the requirements of a website and will help you in controlling your website as a project. It is a complete solution for languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, and PHP. The features of AceHTML 6 Pro are as followed:
    • Flexible and customizable user interface
    • Coding support
    • Web development aid
    • Code reuse
    • Quality assurance
    • Productivity tools
    • HTML editing
    • Project management

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