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Thread: Repair System, Recover Deleted Files and Locate Large Unnecessary files with Advanced SystemCare

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    Repair System, Recover Deleted Files and Locate Large Unnecessary files with Advanced SystemCare

    Advanced SystemCare is a great software for optimizing the system with one click. It is also a comprehensive tool to repair major failures for a Windows user. IObit AdvancedCare Pro has made significant progress, from version 4 to version 5, within less than a year. The software is now a true Swiss army knife dedicated for optimizing Windows. Its rapid optimization function performs a thorough cleaning of Windows, removing malware, deleting temporary files, defragmenting the registry, optimizing system settings, improving security of Windows, etc.. and all this in one click! Active and function-Boost accelerates real-time tasks which focuses on the user. What is less known, however, is that it is also a very practical repair tool.

    Repairing the system

    Open the Repair section of the Toolbox. Click on Repair Windows. A window appears in IObit. Open Repair Advanced tab. There is a list of many repair options:
    1. If some icons have disappeared from the menu, or if the taskbar is no longer displayed, go to Desktop and click the Repair button that is corresponding to it.
    2. If Windows Explorer is no longer available or if the programs can be launched by double clicking on their icons, go to the System section and choose the desired repair.
    3. If editing registry, system restore, task manager or some security sites do not work, then your PC has been compromised by spyware or malware. Security section provides the necessary corrections and a repair tool for HOSTS file that are often corrupted by viruses without your knowledge.
    4. Finally, note that the tool can also repair Internet Explorer and Media Player when they crash when booting.

    Recover deleted files

    If you emptied the trash or accidentally deleted a file by pressing [Shift], any chance of recovering the data is not lost. In the Toolbox, Repair section, locate the Recovery function. Click on it. Select the disk containing the files. Optionally specify the type if known (if not go for all types). The software will then scan the disks looking for any traces of deleted files. Then select the item or items to restore. Click Next. Then specify whether you want to restore files to their original folder or if you want to restore them to another location.

    Locate large unnecessary files

    If you absolutely need to make space on your drives and the automatic cleaning function does not remove as much of data as hoped, you must have some large unnecessary files to delete or you can even move it to a USB or an external drive. AdvancedCare has a very practical option list of a sudden 100 largest files on a disc (anywhere). In the Toolbox, select Control section. Click Disk Explorer. Then select the drive to explore. After a few seconds, the software displays a list of files. Then open the tab called TOP 100 files. Select those useless files, then click Delete or Move according to your needs!

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    Re: Repair System, Recover Deleted Files and Locate Large Unnecessary files with Advanced SystemCare

    I have used this application and it is very easy to use, even for a computer novice who only needs to follow the steps of removing unnecessary temporary files and traces of browsing, registry cleaning, and removing adware and spyware. There will be also tools for advanced users like - disk defragmenter, invalid shortcuts checkup, restore, Internet Booster, uninstalling programs, backup, etc. This program comes with one of the favorite options for most users, and that is, an automated maintenance scheduled task to give best performance. In this case we just press the option Care! to run the maintenance.

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