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Thread: How to create interactive books using iBooks Author

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    How to create interactive books using iBooks Author

    The electronic book is gaining momentum now-a-days. Many see use it as a textbook, literary, technicality, etc. iBooks Author, available on the App Store for free, can truly design interactive books and add text, dynamic images, slide shows and video sequences. To do this, you can learn from templates or create your own book from a blank template, but it is far more complex. Once the work is complete, you can then transfer it to the iPad as an attachment in an e-mail or via an iTunes sync. On your shelf, the book turns into an interactive textbook, which is easy to read even by a beginner. Follow the below steps to create an interactive book:

    Start a project
    Start iBooks Author. In the first window, you can choose to create a blank project or it will give options to choose one of the models. We recommend the latter option. Select one and click Choose. Your project will appear in full screen. A Book Window, which opens to the left allows you to define the structure of your book.

    Type the title
    In the book window, click the title and type it into the book cover. If it is too long, then slide the cover down to enlarge or reduce text size. Click in the title, type Cmd + A to select it, then choose a smaller size in the list of Fonts. Finally, enter the author name and possibly editor of your iBook.

    Add chapters and sections
    The book is divided into chapters and those are already divided into sections, then pages. To add an item, choose the item above (for example a section for adding a page) in the book flap, then click the arrow button in the Add + pages in the toolbar and select Page, then a model. Name the page.

    Type and text format
    Initially, the pages are filled with dummy text. Enter your paragraphs or copy them to another program. To change the look of the characters, click Inspector in the toolbar. Tab T (text) can help you to change the attributes of selected text. To change the font or font size, you can use the tool A (Fonts) in the toolbar.

    Create an image gallery
    To insert a slide, pull down the Insert Widget Gallery. Then drag images in the widget window. Once added, you can change their order by dragging them in the Chooser. When you want to play it on iPad, simply click on the thumbnail to open the gallery, then a finger gesture to scroll photos.

    Add interactive images
    To create lifelike images, pull down Insert, Widget, Map Image. Drag an image in the rectangle that appears. Several frameworks associated with dots appear. Drag these points to a specific location of the image. On the iPad, click on one of these bubbles that will display the full text and zoom command.

    Add a chart
    Click Chart in the toolbar and choose a model. In the graphics editor window, enter the data to illustrate. The first row and first column are reserved for labels, others are for figures. Then use the widgets window, then Chart tab, to modify the colors, textures and layout of bars on the graph.

    Launch preview
    To see what your book will look like, connect an iPad to your Mac. On the iPad, launch the IBooks application. On the Mac, click Overview, then on the line iPad (your name), click again on view. On the iPad, your book is now in the library with the word Proof. Click it to open.

    Export the book
    You will now transfer the book on the iPad. To do this, you can publish it on the App Store. But this technique requires you to register. It is easier to export your book as an iBook, then transfer on the iPad via iTunes or by mail. On the Mac, pull down the File, Export. Choose iBook, click Next, then type the name of your eBook and click Export. Open your email program, create a new mail and add as attachment, the file with the name of the iBook, the suffix .ebook. On the iPad, open the message, click on the attachment and choose - Open in eBooks: the book is added to your library.

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    Re: How to create interactive books using iBooks Author

    In this first version of iBooks Author, there is no support for exporting and importing complex documents such as PDFs or ebooks in ePub format, only basic support for text input, including content from Word or Pages documents. Each author can set the price of the book they want which is created by iBooks Author, but Apple has set the maximum at $14.99 in the textbooks. Apple also states that newspapers and magazines are not compatible with the iBookstore. Instead those can be provided through the Kiosk application for IOS, which requires a standard developer account to send products to the App Store.

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