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Thread: How to downgrade from .26 to .17 and root Asus Transformer TF300

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    How to downgrade from .26 to .17 and root Asus Transformer TF300

    Hey friends I am just starting this thread to share the method of downgrading Transformer TF300 from .26 to .17 along with the rooting method.

    For rooting Asus Transformer TF300 from .26 to .17:
    • First off all you will need to have ADB I mean that you will have to install Android SDK, you also need to have the .17 BLOB file in your Internal SDCard which you can get from here.

    • Once you are done with the downloading part of the BLOB file then upload the same to the internal storage of your tab and then connect the Asus Transformer TF300 to the pc and then start the ADB shell session.
    • Now when the ADB shell session starts then just execute the below commands.

    mv /data/local/tmp /data/local/tmp.bak
    ln -s /dev/block/mmcblk0p4 /data/local/tmp

    • When you are done with the same then just reboot the Transformer TF300 by using the below command:
      adb reboot
      When you get the ASUS loading screen then start the ADB shell session again and then execute the below command:
      dd if=/sdcard/blob of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p4

    • This will lead you to a empty command prompt so just don’t worry about the same and wait for the process to get over, make sure that you are not interrupting the process there are chances that it might take up tp 10 minutes as well but then normally it takes around 5 minutes and so When you get the below message:
      1066806+1 records in
      1066806+1 records out
      546204969 bytes transferred in 250.309 secs (2182122 bytes/sec)

      Then just reboot Transformer TF300 after exiting shell by executing the below command, I also wanted to add that the numbers that are appearing above might be different in your case so don’t worry about it.
      adb reboot

    • After rebooting the Transformer TF300 you will get the flashing progress so just don’t interrupt the process and let the process end, when the process will end then the reboot itself and then will load the new system and you can now enjoy the new firmware.

    • I also wanted to add that in some cases the flashing previous firmware will result in leaving data partition intact so make sure that you are cleaning them out by booting with [vol down] and [power] pressed, once you do this then wait till the screen with android and wipe data appears, when you get that screen then just Select wipe using the vol down key and then accepting the process using vol up key.

    For rooting Asus Transformer TF300:

    • First you will have to get the apk for SparkyRoot which you can get from the below attachment,Once you are done with the installation of the same then just click on Exploit- This will be moving files and replacing them around the busybox file.

    • After that Just open the ASUS App Backup tool and then backup an app, you can probably use the above one as it is small,
    • When you are dine until here then just move back to the app and then click on Install SuperUser.

    • Now when the SuperUser app gets installed then click on Cleanup for cleaning the temporary files and then revert the busybox file and you are done.

    • I also wanted to add that there are possibilities that you might face some issue with the Root Checker and BusyBox and if it happens in your case as well then I will suggest you to better uninstall them prior to rooting and then reinstall them after rooting the Asus Transformer TF300 and rebooting it as well. This solution has been found to be working with v9.4.2.15 for the TF201 and v9.4.3.17 for the TF300, so people having the same should not have any issues but then people having v9.4.2.21 for the TF201 and v9.4.3.26 for the TF300 should not try it out as they have already been tested and I did not had any success with them.

    When you are done with the rooting of Asus Transformer TF300 then don’t just update it to .26 but then get the Voodoo OTA RootKeeper from the Google Play Store, I am suggesting this as it will help you in retaining root after upgrading, so after installing the same you will have to just open it up and then follow the instructions and make sure that all the check boxes are marked in OTA RootKeeper, once you are done with all these then you can very well upgrade to .26 after updating to the .26 you won’t be having the root but then if you want then you can go into OTA RootKeeper once again and restore your root again.
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    Re: How to downgrade from .26 to .17 and root Asus Transformer TF300

    That looks a complicated process. Anyhow what if rooting fails. Your entire device is bricked. In my views it is better if you do not touch anything or simply don't go for any upgrades. I have seen my friend destroying this table for rooting reason. The reason was unofficial rom used. It is actually a risk in using rooting methods and till yet no official manufacturer had yet supported it. I thought there would be better restore utilities on such devices to get rid if any issue happens.

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