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Thread: Strategy Guide and tips for Boss Battle in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

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    Strategy Guide and tips for Boss Battle in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

    So it Resident Evil series is back with another game in its series; Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. As advertised and said that this game will have story and characters that were never seen before and that which have no relation to main story that includes, Chris Redfield. This game lets users play inside the infected Raccoon City and fight the hordes of zombies. But this time, one doesn’t just have to face the infected zombies but will have another faction to fight along with too. This game features two factions, that is, US Spec Ops and Umbrella Security Service (USS). When an action game is being talked about, it means that it will have boss and boss means one needs to fight them. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City has seven bosses and each of them needs to be defeated to progress in the game. I am writing this guide to help you to know techniques and method to defeat the bosses in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

    Boss no. 1: William Birkin
    He is the first boss of the game and also the easiest one in this game. You don’t need to have any specific weapon or ability to defeat him; neither you need to use any specific character or squad whose abilities will be useful for his defeat. You can straight away enter the fight and defeat him even with the default weapons that you are provided in the beginning. There is no such strategy to defeat him. All you have to do is to keep shooting the big eye on his arm. This will stun him and you can increase the distance between him and you. The room in which you fight him is very simple, it is just straight passage. As you keep shooting the big eye, he will get more violent and will damage the gas pipes and other objects around him in the passage. See to it that you avoid the flames coming through burst gas pipes as you might lose health. Once you have survived his attacks and attacked him enough, a marker will appear on the radar. When it appears, you just need to run towards it and escape.

    Boss no. 2: Nicholai
    Nicholai is the second boss that you will encounter in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. When fighting him, I suggest that one should use Assault Rifles, Machine Guns or SMGs. The characters that can fight best against Nicholai are Vector and Lupo. You can also fight using other characters, but abilities of Lupo and Vector work best against Nicholai. You can remain in any squad of your choice as he can be defeated by use of any squad. I also suggest that one should use Incendiary rounds or Cloaking abilities to fight against him.

    Defeating Nicholai is bit tricky. You need to fight him twice to defeat him. The first time you have to fight him is in the building. If you are playing game from Resident Evil series for the first time, then you will find defeating Nicholai bit difficult. You don’t have to fight him head on inside the building, but rather it is preferable if you run out of the building first. When the mission begins, just sprint towards the front door of the building and escape. Don’t go too far from the building as your bullets won’t reach him. Once you exit the building, Nicholai will start shooting you from the windows. He will shoot and then again hide under the ledge. Once you see this, you might think of using the Sniper rifle, but let me tell you aiming and shooting Nicholai is difficult as he is quick. Also which window he will choose is not patterned and unpredictable. So it is better to use Assault Rifles, Machine Guns or SMGs as you can spray the bullets. I am suggesting you to use Incendiary rounds because once they are shot inside the window; they will burst into flames and cover a large amount of area. You need to shoot many bullets and it can result in exhaustion of ammunition. You need to again run inside the building again and refill the ammunition from the ammo crate. If you are playing as Vector you can use cloaking ability to run towards the building to refill the ammunition. The distance between the buildings where you need to pass to refill ammunition, is the most risky part as Nicholai can easily shoot you. After shooting at Nicholai in the window for some time, you will be ordered to disengage the fight immediately.

    Once disengaged from the fight, you will be asked to reach near the power plant. Once near it, Nicholai will again come to attack you. This time the fight doesn’t last long as defeating Nicholai becomes easy. You just need to keep strafing and avoid Nicholai’s attacks. While doing this just keep shooting as many rounds possible at Nicholai. He will eventually die.

    Boss no. 3: Nemesis
    Nemesis, the name itself brings smile on faces of Resident Evil fans. However bad and cruel he might be, but Resident Evil fans can’t get enough of him. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City also features Nemesis as a boss and it is again fun to fight him as in previous parts. To fight against Nemesis, you can use any gun that can shoot at medium range or long range. Use of shotguns is not recommended as you will need to go near Nemesis which can be dangerous. I suggest that one should use Four Eyes or Vector to fight against Nemesis. Since I have mentioned Four Eyes and Vector in recommended players, it is obvious that you need to be in Bertha’s squad. The abilities that can be best used to defeat Nemesis are Attraction Phermone, Program Infected, or Cloak.

    The first thing that one should do when the fight begins with Nemesis is to find the higher grounds to protect themselves. Nemesis won’t follow you on the higher grounds. Another disadvantage of keeping your players on lower grounds is that zombies will first attack the player on the ground before climbing up. Another tip that I can provide is that, Nemesis gets most damage when shot on head. So focus on hitting his head rather than torso and other parts. As I have mentioned in the suggested abilities to fight Nemesis, using Program Infected can be used in combination of Cloak to defeat Nemesis faster. When Program Infected is used, Nemesis will become your ally for a short period of time and fight the zombies in the area. While he is busy attacking the zombies, you can use cloak and sneak behind him and keep attacking him.

    Another method is to use Attraction Phermone. This will make the zombies around Nemesis, your allies for short time and they will start attacking him. Due to this Nemesis can be distracted from you for some time. Taking advantage of this opportunity, you can use Four Eyes to use sniper and damage Nemesis’ head. The allied zombies won’t do much damage to Nemesis neither will it take time by Nemesis to kill them. So be quick before he starts attacking you again. Once you have done enough damage, you will see Nemesis retreating to back side of the room. This is when you need to make Vector follow him in cloaked form. He will kneel down; this is when you need to inject him with virus that you obtain from T-103. If you miss this opportunity, Nemesis will heal himself back and come to fight in full form as he began initially.

    Boss no. 4: Two T-103s
    You will need to fight two T-103s as fourth boss in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. You will be fighting on an elevator and the area will be restricted. So it is preferred to use short range weapons to defeat these T-103s. Just see to it that you have an assault rifle which can shoot accurately at the heart of T-103. The best character that can fight these two T-103s is the Four Eyes. When I say Four Eyes, it means that you have to choose Bertha’s squad. The best ability to use against T-103s is Program Infected. T-103 boss fight is one the toughest Boss fight according to me. This is because you have to fight them head on and there is no place to hide in the fighting area. Even using Program Infected is not much of use as T-103 is least effective and the effect remains for short period of time. Also even when you have T-103 ally, going close to it will make him attack you.

    When fighting the T-103s keep aiming to the head till the heart is exposed on their chest. When the first T-103s arrives, you just need to keep aiming for his head. He will jump around to the player who is inflicting more damage to him. When on single player mode, don’t expect your AI team mates to fight, they are dumb accessories just to support you. The only use of them is that when T-103 is overpowering you they will distract the T-103 towards them. When the heart of the T-103 is exposed, the T-103 will fight more cautiously. He won’t jump around and attack more. He will try to cover the exposed heart more. After attacking the T-103 enough time, he will fall down the elevator.

    The elevator will move up again when you will be attacked by more zombies. After defeating these zombies, you will see pillars of flames coming out of wall. These flames cover one half of the elevator. You just need to dodge these pillars. After the pillars are passed another T-103 will come on the elevator to fight. You have to defeat him again with same method as used for previous T-103. If you are losing health, go close to Bertha and she will heal you. There will also be an ammunition crate on the elevator. You can easily reach it and refill ammunition. So virtually you have infinite ammunition to fight against two T-103s.

    Boss no. 5: Ada Wong
    You don’t have to fight much with Ada Wong in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, so any weapon is preferable. The best character you can use is Vector as his Cloaking ability is most useful to fight Ada Wong. Since you need to use Vector, you have to be in Bertha’s squad. In Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, you don’t kill Ada Wong directly. You just have to scare her. When fight begins, search for any trip mines around you, destroy every of them using an weapon which has good accuracy. Once you have destroyed the trip mines, Ada Wong will start shooting you from behind the crates. You can take cover behind the crates and avoid getting hurt. When she hides behind her side of crates to reload, you can use cloak and reach near her.

    A cut-scene will begin which will show Ada Wong running away from the fight location. You follow her till some distance and lose her. Again in next cut-scene, you will see through cameras in the control room that Ada Wong dies fighting some zombies.

    Boss no. 6: Mutated T-103
    You will encounter Mutated T-103 on the same mission where you encounter Ada Wong. It is the sixth boss in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. You can use any weapon as well as any squad and player. But if you are playing on higher difficulty level, then I suggest you to use Vector from Bertha’s squad. The behavior of Mutated T-103 will be same as normal T-103. You first start hitting its head till the glowing orange heart is exposed. Start shooting the heart till he is dead.

    Boss no. 7: Wolfpack/Traitors of Umbrella and Leon Kennedy
    I suggest using the Sniper rifle more than any gun in this fight. This is the end f the game, so don’t expect it to be easy or small. It will go one for a long period of time and you will need to fight through large number of zombies. You can choose any character from any squad. But if playing on higher difficulty, then Vector from Bertha’s squad is most useful. The abilities that you will need to use here are Attraction Phermone, Cloak or Mimicry. The first problem that you will encounter is that of Leon Kennedy sniping at you and you have to reach at the marked point by hiding behind the barricades.

    Once you reach near Leon Kennedy, you will be given a choice to kill Leon Kennedy or to defeat him. You can choose any of the option but you will be surely be attacked by Traitors of Umbrella. They are good in attacking and thus it is suggested to defend. Attacking the Traitors of Umbrella is not preferable as they are very strong and this can be a wrong move which can be fatal. Until and unless you are playing as Lupo or Vector, don’t even dare to attack. These Traitors of Umbrella are properly co-ordinate. You attack many of them and they will concentrate attack on your player. So it is better to defend and not attack. You can use Vector’s cloak to escape the large packs or attack from behind. You can also use Attraction Phermone to make the Traitors of Umbrella you allies for short time. When they become allies, just go on killing as much of them possible. You can also use mimicry to become one of them, but avoid going near them as they will act more aggressive towards you if they detect you in disguise.

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    Re: Strategy Guide and tips for Boss Battle in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

    It is a nice game to play. Resident Evil is surely a hit series, but in my views the game developer must do something different. Like there should be difference in the movie and the gameplay. They mixed a lot stuff here. I had played this game and with nice cinematic it is hit, shoot and run type of game. Also ample of thrills when you are engaged with bosses.

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