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Thread: How to installing Silverlight on multiple platforms?

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    How to installing Silverlight on multiple platforms?

    Microsoft Silverlight is a browser plugin that allows you to take advantage of high interactive web applications developed using the Silverlight technology. When it comes to interactive web content and fascinating, the standard is Flash. Applications developed with this language are usable on your browser via the plug-in Adobe Flash Player. However, Microsoft Silverlight takes the field with a similar technology that aims to improve your web experience. The plugin does just suggest that you be able to view this content on your browser. Compared to Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight is characterized, among other things, for better index ability its contents, for a native support for high definition video and a high degree of interactivity. The applications developed with Microsoft Silverlight are steadily increasing. For this reason, if you do not want to lose the contents visually impressive offering the latest generation web, you cannot do without this plug-in if you use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome. At the time, and a little 'inexplicably, Microsoft Silverlight does not officially support Opera and Safari. Perhaps the software giant from Redmond (USA) makes but thanks to the quality of the plug-ins on solid ground. Microsoft Silverlight installed quickly and easily, the potential for the corresponding content is great. Remains to be seen how much the development cost for programmers.

    • Allows viewing Silverlight content
    • Easy installation
    • Light and Free

    • Does not currently support Opera and Safari

    Install on Firefox

    Nothing could be simpler, in most cases will be to propose it in the same Windows update packages for Windows, in case you do not find in the Windows updates, just go to Microsoft's website in the section dedicated to Silverlight, reachable by this link. Press the button "Download" and start the download, once downloaded you just need to launch the installation by double clicking the installer file, you agree to any window that pops up upon completion of the procedure. Restart the browser and you're done.

    Install on Apple iPhone/iPad

    The Apple iPhone is a product of Apple Inc. It is a combination of an iPod, mobile phone and PDA. On the iPhone it is possible to include mail, phone, internet, listen to music and take pictures and view. In these collections are some sites where you can find great free applications for your iPhone can download. So here you can just go to the apple store and download Silverlight and it will get installed in your iPhone.

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    Re: How to installing Silverlight on multiple platforms?

    Install Silverlight (Moonlight) on Linux

    Silverlight is one of many obvious copies ideas from Microsoft to compete in the market in this area have signed with their product Adobe Flash (both developing and player). For very obvious reasons, Silverlight is only available for Windows operating systems, although it is possible to install GNU/Linux through Moonlight, a free implementation of the famous Microsoft Silverlight for Linux.

    Moonlight has been released in version 1.0 final, which is now fully stable and offers versions current 32 teams and 64 bits. This adaptation of Silverlight is completely free and has been created by the development team of the Mono project. Moonlight 1.0 is installed in the same way that any extension or plug-in for the Firefox browser, which allows your browser to view websites and elements, built on Microsoft Silverlight platform.

    Moonlight is the open source execution of UNIX systems for Microsoft Silverlight, a competitor of Flash technology and Adobe Flex proposed under Windows and Mac OS X.

    Moonlight 1.0 to quickly forget

    Moonlight 2.0 ships a CLR (Common Language Runtime) for execution. NET code, supports an open source toolkit, adaptive streaming (Smooth Streaming), Deep Zoom to zoom with image effects even if they are not yet fully loaded. Decoders that work in Silverlight 3 can be used for open codecs Ogg Vorbis and Dirac, while the Bitmap API for Silverlight are also supported. By cons, possibilities 3D graphics, Pixel Shader effects or native support for H.264 video and AAC audio like in Silverlight 3 are not yet in the game. That will be the Moonlight 3 and is some optimism in this regard. The work should indeed go quickly through collaboration with Microsoft, which has been renewed.

    The Redmond Company has also expanded its patent agreements with Novell, which also cover the provision of Moonlight from third parties (other Linux distributors, for example). As part of the Microsoft Media Pack (download via the context menu from a Silverlight application), Linux users who use Novell's Moonlight 2 can already take advantage of decoders for MP3 and VC1, and soon Moonlight 3 with H.264 and AAC. For Novell, one of the strengths of Moonlight inherited the Mono runtime environment is the ability for developers to offer rich Internet applications developed in C #, Ruby, Python and JavaScript. Probably a little thought towards Adobe Flash ActionScript where only tolerated. From there to become popular on Linux.

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    Re: How to installing Silverlight on multiple platforms?

    Install Moonlight (Silverlight) on UBuntu

    Many times we happen to surf the internet and stumbled upon some movie or animation that requires the installation of Silverlight, a special technology developed by Microsoft that blocks us or rather prevents the display of the video or the page if not installed in the system.

    Of course those who use UBuntu do not mean that uses a Microsoft. How do? Simple, the answer is Moonlight, an open source implementation of Silverlight available for Linux systems. To install it you have two choices: using packages or via the official website and I personally always use the second choice.

    Installing via the official website
    Open your browser and click on the official page of Silverlight. Select your architecture and download the plug-in. Now restart your browser and you will have Moonlight installed. If returning to a site that requires Silverlight, what types of RAI and you are asked to install "Moonlight Codecs Installer", and then click on "Install Codecs" and that appears after installation, reload the page and everything should work.

    Installing packages using

    Simply type in a terminal:

    sudo apt-get install moonlight-plugin-core moonlight-plugin-mozilla
    And that's it. Now to test the proper operation and correct installation of the plugin, open this page and choose a video. If you start will mean that all is well! Still do not see anything? Right-click inside the player and choose "Settings Moonlight"; click the last tab "Advanced" and remove the setting "Use Hardware Acceleration".

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