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Thread: How to Install 7zip on CentOS

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    How to Install 7zip on CentOS

    7-Zip is a file compressor with a high compression ratio. The main features are:
    • High compression ratio in 7z format (LZMA algorithm)
    • Compress / Decompress: 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR
    • Robust Encryption: AES-256 for 7z and ZIP
    • Autodecompressión for 7z format (SFX)
    • Command line version
    • In GNU / Linux and other UNIX variants integrates with File Roller , Xarchiver and XArchive
    • It integrates with the Windows shell (Windows)
    • Powerful file manager (Windows)
    • Multi-platform
    • Multi-language

    p7zip is a port of 7-Zip for Unix

    To install the 7-Zip at least be aware that we will need:
    • python-elementtree
    • python-sqlite
    • rpm-python
    • urlgrabber
    • yum-metadata-parser

    But if you have the Developer Tools installed, it is normal for you.
    • First of all you need to install the new unit of yum:
    • Once installed yum install rpmforge because in the default repositories, as we all expected.
    • At this point install using this command: yum install p7zip and run it.

     # Yum-y install p7zip-plugins pZIP
    Debian / Ubuntu
     # Apt-get install p7zip-full

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    Re: How to Install 7zip on CentOS

    Zip files are seen as the library where there are files to install, virtually files are compressed, and often must resort the specific programs to unpack and then start them. One of the most effective is that 7zip can unpack all zip files very easily. Get to the 7zip site and choose the latest available version of 7Zip obviously choose according to your operating system, is available for both Windows and Linux, after choosing which version to download click on it to start the download to your pc. A download is complete you need to install the program on your PC, simply double click the downloaded file and then click on Install and then Finish and you're done. You can immediately begin to try it, just click the right mouse button on the file to unpack and then in the dropdown menu item go to the 7-Zip and then, in turn, click Open or Extract to unzip files in a folder specified by us or Extract Here to unpack the file into the directory where the zipped file and present. And that's all, now you can say that knowing how to unzip files in a snap.

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    Re: How to Install 7zip on CentOS

    7zip is one of the best compressor / decompressor opensource stock available for Windows. Support for many compressed file types, with excellent results and an intuitive graphical format 7zip have decreed the success of Windows. For Linux, there is no graphical version of the tool but an unofficial command line p7zip . If you are looking for a worthy replacement of 7zip platform that also has a nice GUI on Windows and on Linux I want to tell PeaZip .

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