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Thread: How to install Netbeans IDE on Linux

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    How to install Netbeans IDE on Linux

    During the search for the best IDE for developing applications in Java is impossible to miss in the Java JDK NetBeans. NetBeans is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) open source with which we can develop Java applications. Some Linux distributions already come with Netbeans in its repository, making it easier installation. On Windows machines, the installation is as usual a few clicks and as usual in our Linux box no. The biggest problem I faced was installing through Synaptic is our favorite package manager; it seems that the repository there is a full version of the software house Sun Micro Systems. The best solution then turns towards the Sun Java site and straight to the download page. For installation we need to do just two things, make the downloaded executable file and run it, the pioneers of house Sun thought the rest.

    • The first thing to do is download the file.
    • Then we open a console with root permissions and run the following commands.

    Here are the necessary permissions to run smoothly
    chmod + x netbeans-5_5_1-linux-es.bin
    • Now simply launch the installer

    Remember to move the terminal to the directory where the file resides binary that you downloaded from java and put the extension behind the name of the file (in this case. Bin). For users who do not like to use packages, executables, etc. installations developers have decided to create a Java IDE that does not need to be installed, just run. you need only to remove directory and run the executable in netbeans / bin / netbeans.

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    Re: How to install Netbeans IDE on Linux

    You always have to make sure that during the installation have to choose which features we want to include our IDE, if you want for any particular technology, or all: Web & Java EE, mobile development, Java SE, Ruby, C / C + +, PHP. I must say that if we choose "All" (all), we can customize what to install during installation specifically. However, the IDE is built on a central framework APIs, and features are implemented as plugin modules. With this we can add or remove plugins later. Apparently PHP support comes included in the full version from the version 6.5. But surely we can install the plugin on our own for testing. I do not know how is already developed.

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    Re: How to install Netbeans IDE on Linux

    If you use Debian, or any of its derived distributions such as * Ubuntu, Knoppix, Mepis, Mint and the like can install it through apt. In Debian is in contrib repositories:
     apt-get update
     apt-get install netbeans-ide
    This prompted us to also install netbeans-platform. In my case I downloaded the latest version from the NetBeans site, in a file called This file can be changed anytime depending on the version which you have downloaded. Make sure that you are not downloading it from any other site except the official. It is free and open source so you don’t need to worry about it. You can also install several plug-ins for this IDE depending on your requirements later. The latest version of 7.1.1. and it is same for all operating system. Right now I don’t know how to install plug-ins but I am sure that I will find it out very soon.

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