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Thread: Upload photos from Picasa to Facebook

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    Upload photos from Picasa to Facebook

    If you use Picasa to manage your photos and you are someone who uploads photos to Facebook then I am sure that you will love Facebook Picasa Uploader. Facebook Picasa Uploader adds a new button in Picasa that processes and sends photos directly to Facebook.

    There are many of the users of social networks who publish on their profiles also like to have a few vacation photos or snapshots. For those who prefer to use Facebook and Google Picasa, there are in the Plugin as Picasa Uploader which is an easy way to publish photos directly from Picasa out on Facebook. I would like to tell you that the installation is very easy, when you click on the link "Install Now " then it will ask you that if you want to install the upload button ( Picasa installation provided). The button is then displayed in the bottom toolbar of Picasa.

    This is as simple as uploading photos from Facebook. All you have to do is, just choose the images in Picasa and then click on the Facebook button, Choose album and then confirm and you are done with that. At first you have to use Picasa Uploader unique grant access to the Facebook profile.

    The upload status is displayed in Picasa with the known progress bar. When the upload is complete, the browser opens a Facebook page and here you can specify that which album will be used for the photos. Of course you can also create a new album directly. Here you can also set who can see the photos. After all, you don’t want everyone can see your private party pictures. Finally, Facebook requires a confirmation that the photos may be published. By the way, with high-resolution photos you might have some problem. The plugin takes care of the smaller photos and automatically set that to the appropriate resolution and you will not get the same resolution of the actual picture.

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    Re: Upload photos from Picasa to Facebook

    Here are the four good points of this service:
    • The photos on Facebook migrated retain their ranking albums and recreated identically.
    • New albums are on Facebook and created as private, visible only to you. It is your responsibility to check the contents and then to grant rights and publication.
    • The original photos are not deleted
    • The service is free

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