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Thread: How to use OpenOffice on Impress

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    How to use OpenOffice on Impress

    Introduction to Impress

    IMPRESS is a program designed to create professional looking presentations and lectures. It is a program included in the standard version of the suite. Impress is a presentation consisting of one or more pages, also called slide. Each page condition saw with the other basic page layout. The transition from page to page can be manual or automatic, with or without transition effects. Once created, the presentation will be shown on screen, using the video output computer, printed on paper, distributed in electronic format (PDF or native format, with suffix. Sxi) or published on the Internet (HTML or MacroMedia Flash).

    Like other programs of the package, Impress provides many tools to facilitate the work:
    For example, the opening of the program, a window allows you to choose how to creating a new presentation, in a more or less driven.

    Creating a new presentation

    Once called, select File -> New -> Presentation. Appears following window, the first automatic pilot.

    The options are as follows:

    • The Blank Presentation allows you to create a presentation from scratch, without obtain-
    King no help.
    • The model provides a framework, complete with background, character to create pages hormone, but not given any indication of the content.
    • Open an existing presentation.
    Select Blank Presentation and click "Next". Compare the second window of the pilot:

    In this window we can specify the background base applies to all pages and destination leading to our presentation:

    Original: If you chose to create a presentation from a template, using the destination specified in the model.
    Transparency-presentation designed to be printed on transparencies to be projected Paper presentation designed to be printed.
    Screen: presentation intended for display on the screen. Depending on the characteristics of the screen, the presentation will be adjusted appropriately.
    Slide: slide presentation intended to achieve.
    The "Next" button allows you to move to the third page of the pilot:

    In this page you can select some transition effects between pages, and its speed. It is also possible to indicate that the presentation must be displayed so that switching from one page to another occurs automatically with the times indicated. Useful for non-assisted presentations (exhibitions, shop windows). Depending on the options selected in the three pages of the autopilot, additional pages may be shown. These pages allow you to insert, in a guided manner, some content base so as to be operated by the program in the writing of the pages. For our course, we finish the process of creating a new pilot presentation to page three, confirming our choices with the "Create" button. It then goes to the building stage of the individual pages.

    The automatic layout

    Just choose to create a blank page, we are asked to choose which layout automatic gives it, give it a structure that is (there will be an image, text and image, a graph). We will have to specify a layout for each page insert. To choose the layouts just click on his model in the window shown in the figure (the window opens automatically when it asks you to insert a new page) and press the OK button. Now, as it the first page of the presentation, we will choose the layout title (the second from it LEFT at the top).

    It looks like this with a blank page zones have been defined to include a title and a sub title. Before continuing with the creation of our presentation is appropriate to establish the character standing features of our site such as the size and orientation. Keep in fact that, instead of the standard definition of the pages (from the model used or default of the program) you can always modify the main parameters them level of a single page. From the "Format" choose the "page". The dialog "Set-pages" from which we can select the size, margins and page orientation Current.

    The page background

    For each new Impress presentation creates a so called background page or main page. This is not a real page, but a grid on which to make changes (Choice of fonts, images of all pages) that will be transmitted to all pages of the presentation. While the automatic layout refers to a single page, the background page controls the appearance of all pages of the presentation.
    Working on the page background it is easy to maintain uniformity in the presentation it, making the work look more professional and more readable. Of course it is always possible to modify only a single page. To change the page background you must choose from the menu "View - Background - Drawing." To example we can change the style of the title and cause it to appear underlined. Changes to the page background can be made at any time and not even on the pages already created. To return to the pages of the presentation from the "View" menu choose the item "page".

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    Re: How to use OpenOffice on Impress

    How to Use OpenOffice Impress — Presentation Transcript

    First of all let me tell you if you have 2.x version installed in your computer and if you are using windows there are two ways you can start with a presentation. As if you have installed the default way it would be show into the start menu with 2.0, and you will see the icon inside it with different components. So you will just have to click on Impress icon to start the Presentation. This is the first method of starting a presentation and the other method is you will be able to see a little icon on the Taskbar at extreme right corner. The area which I am talking about is also known as system tray. Over there right click on the icon which would give you a pop-up in that pop-up you just select Presentation that will start a new Presentation. Which every you fill better start it that way. BTW any ways you will see a list of dialogue boxes to start a new presentation only. Let’s see all the option one by one.

    While staring you will come across 3 choices. The first would be an empty presentation. And same as Microsoft PowerPoint Impress also have some pre installed presentations which can also be used so you can also open that.

    Now let me tell you if you have started an empty presentation you can add a template afterwards. So will just continue without choosing any template and now just click Next.

    Here you can select any slide you want with different designs; as if you select any slide it would be applied to all the other slides in your presentation. So also leave this empty and just click Next.

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    Re: How to use OpenOffice on Impress

    Here would be able to select a transition and let me tell you that selecting slide transitions is very much exciting. As this would be seen when you shift form one slide to another slide as if you have added some effects it will let the other slide to show that way. Now if you select any transitions it would be selected for all the slides. So instead of selecting now you can select it after words so that you can also add different transition to different slides as you require. You can also check and preview many different transitions by just clicking the arrow. And most important let me tell you that awful displayed would be seen on full screen if the computer in which it is shown is slow or else it would be awesome.

    And one more thing here if to keep it as the default presentation you will have to keep clicking to change the slide. And if you need a good presentation which changes the slides at its own at certain time then select Automatic and then just enter duration for every slide you require. Now after doing this all things just click on Create.

    Here you will see 3 different areas: As you can see in the image that the left side has small image of each slide. Now as you have just started there is only 1 slide but if you have many slides you will be able to scroll up and down and also it would allow you to select any slide you require. Now the middle part portion is the slide which you have selected at the left hand side. Here you can add anything you required like image, text, and many more things. Also see on top there are tabs where you can change the view you required like a view of your handouts, Normal view to Outline view, Slide Sorter view, etc. Now the third and the last extreme right side you will be able to see many different types of slide layouts. Over here you can also see the master page, custom Animations, and Slide Transitions.

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    Re: How to use OpenOffice on Impress


    Now you can create a presentation in 2 different ways. As many people like to directly write in the slide itself. And some like to work in outline view by selecting the above tab. But when you do that way you will just write an outline and every time you make a new headline it would create a new slide by just pressing enter. So instead of that you can always use tab key so that you can add a sub-heading. Now after adding all the content you required then you can shift again to the normal view and you can also change the slide and also add graphics if you need it. If you need to add a new slide just click on the insert menu and there you can select Slide and the other way to add a new slide is to just right click in any empty place in the left hand side and select a new slide.

    Now as soon as you select a new slide it will be also same as you had created the first slide. But if you need to change it you can select the layouts from the right hand side by scrolling up and down and select the layout you required. But let me tell you the most used are the one with the title and two column as it has two option one side with text and the other side with any image. Also note that there you will be seeing many similar slide layouts with image of house/bar-graphic. So just select the house one as if you do not require any kind of graphic to add.

    Now here just see to it that the text you are adding will be appear in bullets so if you do not require that you can also remove that option. Now select the slide layout with house image on the left side. Just write in the title and also some points in the text. Make sure that you only write that much of text which can be fitted in the text box. As if you have more things to write than you need to reduce the font size of the text which will allow you to write more text in that text box. But I would say just add few lines instead of making very congested slide instead that you can add a new slide for that text.

    Now to add picture just double click on the house image which will allow you to add any graphics? Just by clicking it would ask you to browse an image file which you would like o add in that box. Just remember that any image which you select would be inserted by auto resize ass it will fit in the space which is allocated to it. Now if you need to move that image in the slide you can just select the slide by clicking once and then by using the mouse you can place it as you required. And if you think you have selected a wrong image you can any time select the image and just click delete button which will delete the image.


    There are many things you can do in the presentation software’s, like this as you can just spend your whole day to just add and remove many different types of things you required like you can change the font size, font color, animations, background images, transitions and many more things.


    Now just pretending you would have made all the slides with all the text and images as per your requirements but something is missing and you just suddenly need to change you background of some slides to plain white. Then you just need to select all the slides which you want to change it to white background. Now after selecting the slides just select the Format menu there you need to select page and then select the background tab. There you will see an empty dialogue box and you field is not selected. There you need to choose any color you required.

    Setting transitions

    As we have set the default transition before and now if you need to add transition. BTW you can add transition in your presentation any time you need so I would also suggest you to first complete full presentation then change the transition for as many slides as you want. So now as you need to add transition just see at below to the right panel there you will see label:> Slide transition. Just see the little arrow to the left of words. As the arrow pointing to the left shows that this section is closed, while the layout section is opened. Now select the slide show menu and there you will be able to select the slide transition.

    Be careful with animations

    When you are working on animations you need be a bit careful about the same. The things which really mess-up are the transitions. When you apply animation along with transition affect it double the size of file making it slow on other system. There is certain special animation effect that you can try on each and every individual block. Or also on object or graphics wherever they appear. Anyhow it is not worth to go in detail about the animation feature. Just go in Custom animation on right side > choose the slide and add the effect of your choice.

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