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Thread: Tips to play and share videos on Android

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    Tips to play and share videos on Android

    well by using your Android device you will be able to capture plenty amount of videos and share them with world. With the help of number of app available in the market you will be able to do video chat, stream movies and play the video clips from the personal collection from the Android device or tablet itself.

    Capture Video

    Android is having great capability to capture great images through the buit in camera provided on your device only. Most of the devices are having HD-capable hardware so that you can use your phone or tablet as a camcorder. Especially when you are not having your camcorder.

    To begin with the shooting on your device, you should launch the camera app and switch to Video mode by simply tapping on small camcorder/camera switch which is available at the right side of the screen.

    By default camera settings supposed to do great job of dealing with various kind of the lighting condition. you can also adjust the capture settings from the camera application itself. You can get the option from the main viewfinder area.

    As different manufacturer are providing different type of the customization it could be possible that Camera app settings could differ from device to device. you can easily adjust video size, white balance and color effects. In case your Android is having couple of camera then you can toggle between rear and ront-facing cameras.

    Some useful thing which I would like to tell you over here.

    • most of the times you will like to shoot in HD but it would take high amount of space on your device. if you are looking to share the video through Email or MMS then I don’t recommend to use HD rather you should select lower quality setting so that you will need to send small amount of the data.
    • Auto white balance is supposed to enabled by default and you will get the decent result. If you are supposed to stay at same place then you must select white balance manually as per the lighting environment.
    • Android camera App would give you several options such as incandescent lighting, daylight, and fluorescent lighting. If you are satisfied with the settings then simply tap on red Record button located on the screen so that you can begin with recording. After completing with recording process you should tap on the same button so that you can save the recording the storage device.

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    re: Tips to play and share videos on Android

    Edit and Share Your Videos

    If you are running Android 3.0 that is Honeycomb or higher version then you can make use of built-in Movie Studio app to do basic editing functions on any of the recorded clips. There are some Android phones are having basic video editing software. In case your Android Phone does not have it then you can give a try to VidTrim. You can get the free version from the Android Market.

    In order to share the video you need to perform following.
    • Tap on Gallery in order to Open it. now go for Gallery from the main app drawer. Or Simply tap on Gallery icon at the corner side of the Camera app.`
    • Now you have to select Share option to get the list of App which can send the video to the friend of yours.
    • Share option is available at the bottom of tablets. You can also send video through Gmail, YouTube, MMS or using other social applications.
    • You should take care of the thing some of the share video file which is having limitations. If you are looking to share videos through the MMS then it should be of low quality and should be as short as of 30 seconds. However you can share Video on YouTube which could be high quality and less than 15 minutes in the length.

    Video Chat and Live Broadcasting

    For Video Chatting best solution I recommend Google Talk platform. Android phone which are running on Android 2.3.4 or higher are having built in Google Talk video chat. You will need to open Google Talk app. you will require to open Google Talk app and chat with the person who is singed on phone, tablet or computer.

    If you are running with the older version of Android then there are some third party app which are offering video chatting services through the proprietary platforms. Most popular are as follow.
    • Qik
    • Fring

    You can also perform live broadcasting. Qik app would give you the ability to record as well as Stream video from the Android phone to the free account on there would be delay of couple of seconds as video is going to upload on Qik’s server. However your viewer would get experience as live TV feed.

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    re: Tips to play and share videos on Android

    Play Movies and More

    To get movies and other entertainment stuffs you should check the Android Market and see whether Netflix available for the device. they are having support for plenty of Android phones and they had announced that there would be more Android device being supported with it. however make sure that you are having standard Netflix subscription to make use of the service.

    Google has also started their own Android-connected movie-streaming service. Currently it is available for the Android which has been powered by Android 3.1 or higher. It should be available for the phone which is running for Android 2.2. Cost of the movie would vary from $1.99 to $3.99. the movie will be pinned on device for the offline viewing. It will be available for next 30days after subscribing. However if you have started to watch movie then you are having 24 hours in order to view the file.

    Even you can copy the video file on the device of yours. DVD Catalyst program give you number of option to convert DVD and other video content which is supported for Android tablet or phone.

    However legality of process is dependent on the what type of the content which you are converting.

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