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Thread: Tips to share your favorite photos on Web

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    Tips to share your favorite photos on Web

    There is a lot of photo management software to share his photos on the Internet. You can make use of any of those. There are also services exclusively online like Foto, Ofoto, Snapfish (Virgin Media).

    Overall, how does it work?
    • Sign up
    • Create an album (it's your space for sharing photos on the Internet, think carefully about the name).
    • Download the photos you want to share from your computer
    • You can organize your photos into sub-album or "gallery"
    • To share, just send the URL of your album (or your gallery) to those concerned. On certain services (such as, guests must register to view the albums.
    • You can make your albums public mode if you want (not need an invitation for the visit).

    Things to check before choosing:
    • Allocated space (1GB minimum - about 4,000 pictures, 2 GB or unlimited)
    • Time sharing allocated (may be limited to one or two years)
    • Small "plus": photo printing paper available
    • Features: sort photos by folder, make captions, slideshow

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    Re: Tips to share your favorite photos on Web

    Use PICASA to share the photos:

    Here are some of the things that I wish to share with you about picasa:
    • Allows you to edit photos and organize them into albums.
    • It serves as a virtual drive to store photos online, saving space on my computer, functioning as "Backup" (backup) or both.
    • Once uploaded to the Internet, we can share them with whoever you want.
    • Who access them, you can download them on your own hard drive and keep them forever.
    • Other people can add / upload your own photos to our albums (and thus unify all the photos of an event in one place).
    • It runs on multiple platforms and operating systems, including PC and MAC.
    • It is very intuitive and easy to use (both boys and grandparents can master it).
    • To see photos submitted by others, it is enough to know the link (or must have Google account).
    • You can "tag" faces (ie, "tag" and identify who is who, a useful feature, similar to that of Facebook , when it comes to finding and organizing photos).

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    Re: Tips to share your favorite photos on Web

    Flickr is also one of the most well-known tool for sharing photos. Flickr's popularity is largely due to its ability to manage and publish images of a very intuitive way by using tools that allow authors to tag their photos as well as display, search and comment on pictures of other users. Subscribers with the free accounts can upload up to 2 videos and 100 MB of photos per month, while subscribers have pro account storage space and unlimited bandwidth for a monthly fee, which is still very affordable and accessible to most people.

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