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Thread: Tips to Boost Wifi Signal

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    Tips to Boost Wifi Signal

    Below are some ready to use tips to boost your wifi signal. Wifi is widely used in many places. But sometime we face issue related to low signal or slow bandwidth. That can be fixed by various ways. I had listed some of the top things that can be done instantly to get this fixed. But before that ensure that you have a good broadband connection. If you are using a network at home then there is nothing much to worry about.

    1. Get a good Router : A good router means a powerful one which can easily manage your interent connection and give you good security also. Many routers are equipped with load balancing stuff which allows the user to share equal bandwidth. Other than this they also provide various security measures to keep your wifi network secure. At start when you are planing to setup a wifi network always look for long range routers. You can find such in N range models.

    2. Wifi Booster : Wifi booster are another important gadgets that should be a part of your wifi network. There is a review based on Top Wi-Fi Boosters in the Review section of forums. Try to have a look on some of the top models which are used to boost wifi productivity. Booster can give a hike to overall performance of your existing network. There are some powerful booster available in the market.

    3. Wifi Repeater : Repeater is a kind of small wifi device that can give your wifi network a higher range then existing. The signal just bounce between router and repeater and then your system. You can extend your existing range by this. This is one of the most cost effective alternative available. Wifi Repeater act as a brige between a device and router. This bridge offers better connectivity. You just need to plug this repeater in the socket and configure. It catches signal sent by devices and provide them wifi access.

    4. Router Location : Always determine the right location for your router. This is one of the very important thing which you must not ignore. A router place in corner or behind any object can give poor connectivity. The more remote location it lies, the more better signal will be emitted and there will be lower loose of connectivity. Check that there should be no obstacles.

    5. Router Antenna : If your existing router does not perfrom well then to get a better signal you can purchase a better antenna. It is possible to buy seperate antenna for a router. There are types of antenna which provide you direction based signal connectivity.

    6. Wifi Channel : Channel are modes in a router. If you keep modifying the channel then there are less chances that the wifi signal is affected with other active wifi connections. This can be done from the router settings.

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    Re: Tips to Boost Wifi Signal

    Those are really easy tips to find a better wifi signal. I will go with booster stuff. That will be better. Booster offers high range of connectivity to the existing wifi network. They also does not cost much and easy to setup.

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    Re: Tips to Boost Wifi Signal

    Quite frankly, I have a love-hate relationship with a wireless--as it always seems to be a problem. When I was in China, I had to rely on a wireless and it was frustrating--always cutting off for an unkown reason--and requiring the unit to be reset. Now that I am back in states, same issues. Signal dies, and comes back after I reset it. But in my case it is only temporary as I am using friends unit. I will be looking forward to my own apartment soon and a more relyable cable connection. I understand having something better for an existing wifi is helpful, but I'm easily agravated by internet connections crapping out, and slow downloads because of a poor signal. I guess its okay at Starbucks, but at home, the need is for something more dependable. I'll stay with cable thank you.

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