Many people don’t want to share their location on Facebook for security reasons. If you are one of them and want to disable Facebook Places, you can simply do it by never "checking in" anywhere. But this is not enough. Yet your location can be shared if people tagged anywhere. To make your location/places anonymous permanently, follow the below steps:

  • Launch Facebook and login with your account.

  • Go to ‘Account’ in the top right corner and click on ‘Privacy Settings’.
  • Click on "Customize Settings".

  • From the option, locate "Places I check in to" and "Include me in "People Here Now" after I check in". Now uncheck or make sure the check box next to "Include me in "People Here Now" after I check in" is unchecked.

  • Also click on the dropdown menu next to "Places I check in to" and click on "Customize".

  • Now select "Only Me" from the first dropdown menu and click on “Save Changes”. This is as private as it gets.

  • Now get back to privacy settings and search for "Friends can check me in to Places" . From the dropdown menu, select "Disabled".

  • That’s it.