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Thread: Tips to Backup DATA on Network Drive

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    Tips to Backup DATA on Network Drive

    Especially Network drive or NAS systems are used to store large amounts of data. The risk of data loss, but also lurks here. In particular, small and medium-sized companies are increasingly relying on NAS systems (Network Attached Storage). After all, they offer good value for money and rapid data access. Further, the administration is comparatively low. But also on NAS systems can be a risk of data loss not eliminates them entirely. This risk can be minimized, however by backing up data in secure place.

    Following tips would be useful for this:

    Even at NAS data recovery is expensive. Thus, one should not also save on the purchase of hard drives for the RAID system. "In the best case, administrators choose hard drives with an approval for the 24-hour continuous operation, a large cache and fast access times," recommends a data recovery expert. Similarly, companies should plan security solutions such as virus scanners and firewalls in the budget in order to protect stored data from threats from the Internet.

    Regardless of their size, companies should at least set up a RAID5. The hardware costs are negligible, especially when you convert the value to the information and the damage from data loss

    According to the data recovery specialists you should put on hard drives from different production batches. This allows the risk of errors or production-related vulnerabilities and minimizes downtime. In addition, decreases the risk that hard drives fail within a short time in a chain reaction.

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    Re: Tips to Backup DATA on Network Drive

    That's good in enterprise situations where high availability is very important. With RAID 1 + 0 you lose two disks, with RAID 5 you lose a disk and just so you can store more data. You would make backups in the extra space

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    Re: Tips to Backup DATA on Network Drive

    I maintain that it is best to have 4 disks in RAID 5, and stabbing you buy an additional disk in case of breakdown. Then you can swap the disk so that the raid to recover. The disc is broken can you send it in place and you should not worry about performance.

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    Re: Tips to Backup DATA on Network Drive

    Raid 1 is faster, because it just has to write twice the same way, but that it should calculate its raid 5 on the third disc to write.

    Software raid is actually much faster as you put together a system at, but you know very well what you do. The advantage of such a NAS is that they consume virtually no power.

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    Re: Tips to Backup DATA on Network Drive

    A NAS is a flexible data storage available on the (usually) multiple computers where different users can access. Strictly speaking, a NAS is still so uncertain, because the other people can delete the data. If you are looking for a backup to check the website of Iomega. A backup basically takes you on a passive medium. Recommended is almost everything except DVD / CDRW. Backups are annoying, boring and "stink". But they are necessary.

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    Re: Tips to Backup DATA on Network Drive

    A NAS is an active component. Anyone can edit the data there, delete, etc. If it made then to restore the data may no longer exist. As a private person, a complex backup is of course not always practicable. Nevertheless, you should consider whether photos should be, personal and business correspondence, and may not be one or the other better and to work "done on site." A monthly backup / QUARTERLY is certainly not too expensive and may well avert greater damage. And if the data is so important that they are worthy of a backup, then you will not forget

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