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Thread: Tips to protect your Online Store

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    Tips to protect your Online Store

    This was primarily to the growing problem of online shoppers with warnings. However, there are enough on a technical level, pitfalls and vulnerabilities, which can mean trouble. An online store offers inherently more attack surface than a normal website. The store owner to blog lists a number of potential vulnerabilities on.
    • Authentication
    • Authorization
    • Fake Contents
    • Command injection
    • Display additional information
    • Error in the application logic

    First of all, the site where you make your purchases must have a secure payment system ( HTTPS ). When you enter the area of payment and the transaction itself begins (that is to say when you confirm your choice of different products), a window tells you that you enter a secure area (in the If the default configuration of your browser).

    Data encryption is the technical means to ensure that the information exchanged between the client (the user) and server (the commercial site) cannot be read or modified by third parties. The protocol used for encryption (or encryption) is the protocol called "Secure Sockets Layer" or SSL. Most browsers default to include in their basic configuration.

    The confidentiality of your credit card number remains the Achilles heel of the system. Indeed, the risk of intrusion into files that store merchants these numbers to your profile or create your account (allowing you to be recognized as your second connection to the site and do not have to retype your number credit card for each transaction), although rare, are possible.

    Periodically check the developer forums exist, whether that emerged in the version used by you shop vulnerabilities, and whether they are already patches. The advantage is a large community of developers of open source shop that closed gaps that are identified quickly - only it is up to you to update this patch too and your shop up to date and secure.

    Whether large or small community development team, every online shop software has vulnerabilities. Since the vast majority of attacks are perpetrated on well-known (and usually already fixed) vulnerabilities, it is very, very important to install updates for your own shopping cart software immediately.

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    Re: Tips to protect your Online Store

    Data encryption must (and should) be in such emergency transfers. Moreover, it must be ensured that not everyone can read of customer data. This means that the Admin must be particularly protected (e.g. password)

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    Re: Tips to protect your Online Store

    Important thing you must consider in online business is: Always keep up to date. Installing and setting up a shop is not everything. One must then also the manufacturer's website or relevant databases, such as watching the Exploit-DB and respond to new vulnerabilities.

    My advice: Be careful especially when installing plugins or something related stuffs to your online store. The developer of the core system can still work so reliably that everything is useless, if you install an insecure plugin.

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    Re: Tips to protect your Online Store

    There is no legal duty except when it has not handled even credit cards. And purely for customer registration is not necessary. For example, we integrated multiple payment interfaces, since this takes care then about the security there and then everything is SSL encrypted.

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