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Thread: Tips to Encrypt a Smartphone

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    Tips to Encrypt a Smartphone

    I was just reading about the protection of the Smartphone as I newly bought one. I got one post where it was mentioned that the Encrypting a Smartphone is one of the best options to make your private data protected in case the smartphone being stolen. There was not much information about this and so I thought that I should ask this over here. Can you people please provide me some Tips to Encrypt a Smartphone. I am sure that this will be helpful to all the other users as well who are searching for the same. Please reply as soon as possible.

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    Re: Tips to Encrypt a Smartphone

    If you are using the Smartphone then you must be careful to protect the data on your phone, if you do not want somebody else to have access to same. You must enter a password or password lock on the phone (not referring to the SIM PIN code of the mobile operator, but the lock code that is associated with the device), is the first line of defense, prevent anyone with access to our mobile terminal can use or view your data. We should note that without encryption, anyone can access the contents of your smartphone. Choose and download an application to encrypt and secure our personal information to the intervention of a hacker or user.

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    Re: Tips to Encrypt a Smartphone

    Encryption is available on iPhone 4 and is automatically activated when you set a passcode. The automatic deletion of all data stored on the device can be activated by placing the Delete menu option to ON data, which will delete all data after ten failed attempts to enter the password.

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    Re: Tips to Encrypt a Smartphone

    If you are having Android phone then I would like to tell you that Android does not currently have any hardware-level encryption as iPhone and Blackberry. However, we can use a third-party encryption application, we turn to pull Keeper Password & Data Vault , allowing us to store passwords and other important information in our Android without being exposed to the crooks. If we set up e-Exchange of our work, the application will use Touchdown to encrypt the email, calendar and contacts stored on your Android device.

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    Re: Tips to Encrypt a Smartphone

    The growing popularity of smartphones and using them as real miniature computer is necessary to take appropriate security measures to protect its contents. Encrypting the data is one of the best options for this but you must make sure that you are having the backup of the data that you are encrypting in case you lost your smartphone.

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    Re: Tips to Encrypt a Smartphone

    With the advent of smart mobile phones (smartphones) has redefined the nature of the phone, which looks more like a computer for Internet access to an apparatus for telephone conversations. The problem, as our friends at Consumer point is that the greater the complexity, the more vulnerable it becomes a system and, therefore, the new operating systems lead to more security risks and privacy. And here the point comes when we require to have the security and the encrypted data is the best option to have.

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    Re: Tips to Encrypt a Smartphone

    Here are some of the tips to protect your phone.
    • Block access to the device with a password. It is necessary to prevent intruders from entering our content from phonebook, SMS or email. Make a key complex, lengthy and with numbers. This must not include your name or your dog, or your date of birth.
    • Encrypt the data. Both stored on the phone and the memory card. So if someone came after unlock the phone with the password, they could not access the content.
    • You must make a backup. It is not just a measure to avoid losing data in case of loss or theft, but also when we take the set for repair. If you have information is encrypted (the previous tip), no such action is necessary.

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