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Thread: how to use wordpress to create a magazine theme

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    how to use wordpress to create a magazine theme

    Hey, i want the stylish look for my own website, I have heard that provides a lot of free themes and it is also open source. How can I use it for my website? I think if I get good theme I will be able to attract more users to my website!

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    Re: how to use wordpress to create a magazine theme

    Yes, you have heard right. At you will find the lots of themes according to your choice and the use. You have several options to create one. You can select or create the theme as per the subject that you want to put on the website. You can get themes for photo studio where you can create slide show effect for the user, or theme with multiple columns to create several types or categories. It can be used for the website with small numbers of users. It is also simple to understand.

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    Re: how to use wordpress to create a magazine theme

    Yeah, specially for photo libraries you can have themes from this site. I have used the one. Use the layouts effectively that will give more attention to the images. Use simple black background. Don’t write much about your images or that will spoil the view. Just provide simple columns for more links. When you are in slideshow use soft backgrounds that will make an graphical impact on the viewer. There are several templates you can use with your website if you know the coding part.

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    Re: how to use wordpress to create a magazine theme

    I used this website to create blog writing website. It was so simple and easy. You can use the themes for anything you want to create on the web .If you are just writing the blog or review make sure that you don’t add too much of the effects or several colors, as this will distract the people. Make use of images related to the news you are writing. It should also provide the facility to open a large images in proper size or in another window tab.

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    Re: how to use wordpress to create a magazine theme

    I had good time with the wordpress. It is simple yet provides smart functionality. You can’t use it for creating large and multi-user website but it provides user friendly interface to users.

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