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Thread: Stronghold 3 Tips & Tricks

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    Stronghold 3 Tips & Tricks

    Stronghold 3 is a real-time strategy computer game. There is nothing much explains for those who had already played the game. The game is a kind of built castle and protects game. The game has more new upgrades and additional benefits which make the gameplay much better. I had found many users complaining about various graphic glitches. But there is a patch available for that which is available from steam. You can read below to get more information on that patch. You can start your own military campaign and win wars by controlling your territory. Stronghold 3 is a strategy type game. You have to follow some kind of strategy to get victory. For those who played already there is nothing much to explain. But this is post is more essential for those who are playing this for the first time. If you are finding a bit difficult to get rid of the enemies then you can have some solutions here. The game also offers multiplayer battle which lets you to combat against your friends.

    I am sharing some tips here which can help you to in many modes to deal with the most complicated battles in the game. I had emphasized more then attack and defense technique. It is not important that every time you will play an offensive game. There are some part where you have to rely more on the defensive gameplay. Some ready to strategy makes your gameplay easier. The tips which I had mentioned are beneficial for both single player and multiplayer mode. I will not say that you will surely win but surely this helps you to gain easily in the game. This version of game has much better building system which allows you more realistic gameplay. You can create a much better castle and village design. The physics are more real and with awesome graphics you can get awesome details. There are two campaign modes in the game. They are combat or economic. You can choose anyone of them.

    Tips for Stronghold 3 Military Units
    • The unit which you will get is enough strong to deal with any kind of enemy. By default you will face mainly bear, wolves and peasants attacking your units. So do not leave the scenario unseen. Keep an eye on the all parts. The game has Lord which rules the units and the time till he lives your chances to win the game are greater. Lord dies you loose.
    • Try not to get engaged much with the peasants. They are easy kill. You can use them to draw your enemy’s attention towards your pre-planned trap or strategy.
    • Use Macemen in the melee units. They are quickest one. In the same way Archers are fastest rangers. If you have enough crossbowmen in your team, then your unit is more and more strong. But they cost a lot. Use them to fight with the armored troops.

    Attacking strategy :
    I had tested some if this strategies and really found them helpful. So it is quiet recommended that you must follow. Later on you can upgrade yourself for better one.
    • When you are charging on an enemy, divide your troops in number of groups. You have to do this before. Keep the weakest one which are the peasant on front so that they can engage the enemies and other can kill them without much damage.
    • Animals can act as your weapon which can kill troops also. When you are sending peasant do not sent them all together. Let them follow each other, so that if there is any kind of trap you can get aware of that. Set Men at Arms to attack the largest number of forces.
    • Whenever you are planning for an attack, choose a weakest point. Deploy some units there and let others engage the enemies. If you have strong and vast troops then this can be used as effective weapons against holding attacks and slow down the attacking force.
    • If possible deploy some from the back of the enemy.

    Defend Strategy
    • Keep some number of Mantlets in the field. They will not cost much but will give excellent defends.
    • Make towers and keep the Archers over there. Fired arrow attack by Braziers is more beneficial to defend yourself. They can attack to a much longer range. Something burning oil too helps here a lot to defend from troops who attack from your walls.
    • Ensure to keep some traps ready which can slow down the enemy for some while.

    Game Patch : Stronghold 3 v1.1.24196

    • Fix for villagers which would break some saves.
    • Fix for wheat farmers. If ever a wheat farmer was replaced by another wheat farmer the wheat cycle would stop.
    • Fix for weapon smith load/save issue.
    • Fix for knight load/save issue which was causing crashes after load.
    • Fix for issue with units ignoring your commands if they'd just been assigned to your player (e.g. reinforcements).
    • Fix for incorrect minimaps showing in the multiplayer game select screen after viewing the credits.
    • Fix for stats system which would break some saves.
    • Fix for build proxy which would break some saves.
    • Units no longer get stuck in tunnels.
    • Multiple armories/barracks can no longer be placed after loading a save game.
    • Music is off by default when creating a new profile.
    • Fix for c1m1 music/ambient sfx playing in the tutorial, if c1m1 had been selected in the mission select screen.
    • Fix for multiple UI sound effects being triggered during initialization, causing a "crunch" sound under the Firefly logo intro movie.
    • Keep positions are now desterilized correctly when switching between maps. Correct keep position icons are now shown on the minimap.
    • Fix for thread memory bug causing sudden large drop in frame rate.

    Multiplayer Fixes:
    • Various issues with Multiplayer lobbies which should be much more stable now.
    • Fix for the issue with players joining & leaving MP lobbies before start. It should no longer hang on "starting game".
    • Teams/colors should get assigned immediately on startup (no more waiting a few seconds and then your team number changes).
    • Fix for players still being able to build after being eliminated from the game.
    • Multiplayer estate assignment should be more consistent.

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    Re: Stronghold 3 Tips & Tricks

    The tips and tricks looks effective but I was expecting some more in the same. The strategy and updates and quiet fine and with some screen shot tht should be more helpful.

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