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Thread: How to get Windows 8 Metro Apps Screen on Windows 7

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    How to get Windows 8 Metro Apps Screen on Windows 7

    To follow all the information you want and launch your favorite applications on Windows 7, probably use several tools or software, which is not always practical. With the free Rainmeter , you can configure your Windows 7 to display anything you want to control.

    This can be system parameters: processor speed, amount of memory used, network transfer rates, general information: notes, date and time, weather or information from your favorite sites from RSS feeds.

    Rainmeter is composed of small modules that you may have and set as you like. While effect is customizable. And to format all that, Rainmeter is based on a variety of skins, some of which are truly magnificent example inspired the skin Omnimo Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

    Download and install Rainmeter:

    Rainmeter is at once an application and a toolkit. You are only limited by your imagination and creativity. Download it from here and follow the steps mentioned below:
    • Save the file to your hard drive.

    • Once downloaded, run it.

    • In the wizard that opens, select your language and click OK.

    • Click Next and then click Agree.

    • Select the Normal installation. Rainmeter automatically detects the version of Windows (32 or 64 bits). Click on Next.

    • Click Install.

    • Finally, click Close to restart your computer to finish installing Rainmeter.

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    Re: How to get Windows 8 Metro Apps Screen on Windows 7

    Changing the Interface Theme:

    On the next start, Rainmeter will be on with different modules displayed on the screen. Information about CPU usage and memory are displayed along with your IP address, a Google search box ... Here is how you can customized it:
    • By default, the theme Illustro is used for the interface modules.

    • You can download themes that suit you most

    • Download and install the theme you want. For the rest, we will detail the use of Omnimo.

    Customizing Omnimo:

    You have installed Omnimo: Here how to configure the interface.
    • In the window that opens, set the 24 hour time option to ON and Use fahrenheit to OFF.C

    • Then click the arrow.

    • Click on your language.

    • Then select the theme you like.

    • Select your screen resolution.

    • The interface is loaded. You see it is made of small modules you can add, customize, move, delete at your convenience.

    • To remove a module that does not interest you, move the mouse over and click on the little cross.

    • To add a module, click the small arrow at the top of the interface.

    • The list of different modules is displayed. Click the module you want.

    • The module is added at the top left of the interface. Place it wherever you like by dragging.

    • To add new modules to those already available, simply visit the site editor Omnimo and download the packages you want. After having installed the new modules will be available in the interface.

    • To configure a module, move the mouse over and click on the small wrench.

    • For example the weather, you can set the region code of your city to view its weather. To find this code, visit this page , enter your city and view its weather. Mouse over the RSS icon and rate = P in the status bar of the browser. Here FRXX0085 to Rouen. Confirm with Enter.

    • As with modules, you can customize the displayed text information to track your favorite news or such shortcuts to programs you use most often. To add a module text, mouse over small arrow at the top of the interface and click on TXT.

    • Select the text item you want to add to the interface.

    • To set text item, mouse over and click on the small wrench.

    • For a list of applications you can choose to display the shortcuts and icons and their names.

    • The change is immediate.

    • To customize the colors of the interface, move the mouse at the top right of the screen and click on the small key.

    • You can set the size of the interface, colors, transparency, ... Confirm with OK.

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