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Thread: Steps to ensure better security in Facebook

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    Steps to ensure better security in Facebook

    I would like to give you all some small tips on how to ensure a better security in facebook. As we all know we share a lot of information in facebook and we try all the possible steps to protect it from hackers but we may be lacking some way or the another. May b because of the lack of knowledge in terms of online security. So I would like to share some of the knowledge with you all which may help you in the long run.

    1) Password Security
    while setting up a password make sure that you make the password longer than 8 characters and also do include a lot of characters as well as special characters and numbers in it. Do not make use of repeated characters or your birthday in it, such that it will be easier for you to remember. There is a possibility of phishing attack with that method.

    2) Do not give any personal information to anyone in facebook. There are various unknown sources in facebook which asks for the personal information such as financial information or social security number. Just avoid them and don’t provide anything at all.

    3) Clicking on a suspicious link
    Make sure that you don’t click any links that are given to you online just because you feel like clicking it. sometimes it can happen that a person may not have been posted that link it can be a spam as well. If you any such doubts about the link just verify with the sender if he/she has sent it or not. Also watchout for the links that asks you to give the login information, don’t provide it at any cost.

    4) Safe web browser
    You should have a updated web browser and also it must be equipped with the anti-phishing protection. You can do that by going in the help section. The most recommended browsers are Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

    5) Important to keep the machine clean
    Ensure that your operating system is updated with the latest version. I hope you must be knowing how to update yourOS. Plus your system should have a good antivirus system, that includes all the security essentials such as anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, and a firewall.

    6) Account safeguarding tools
    You can take the advantage of the security and privacy controls that is being offered by the facebook it will keep a track of all the activity and logins done by you. you do get the option of which information you want to share and which not. Go to the accounts section and select privacy. You will be getting all the options to share or not.

    7) If you find some scam online then make sure that you don’t click it, instead there is a report link which you can click on and you can report that link automatically.

    So hope so you had a good look at the same. I have tried and covered all the basic security essentials that are required for a safe facebooking. So follow them and stay protected!

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    Re: Steps to ensure better security in Facebook

    Now this is some great points discussed over here, a great writing stuff thats great, so thanks a ton for that, points like that should be more discussed over here. with the increase concern of facebook account getting hacked it is always important to make threads on this.

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    Re: Steps to ensure better security in Facebook

    hmm these are good tips to make your facebook account secure at your end but in my opinion still it is unsecure. Security holes are being found on a regular basis in facebook. It is not as inherently secure as people think it is, when they log on every day.

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