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Thread: Simple Tips on Article Submission

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    Simple Tips on Article Submission

    Articles help you to collect backlinks. Most article writers and marketers are content with their text in the body of the article and do not worry about how it presents to the reader. The best strategy is to break the text up into short paragraphs, provide advice if you can in their own paragraph, etc. Create a simple report for each submission hold.

    1. In your Article avoid adding more than 2 links in the body. Most directories are quiet strict with the links in the body. A limited number of links with good and informative article can give you better traffic and optimization.

    2. Most submission sites allow HTML coding, and spend the time to code your paper before you start your bidding. Other sites are reporting warnings copy and paste directly from word article will cause to be made incorrectly. Be sure you have a text version available. Some selected sites require you to code carriage returns in your article. Still have a text file with the HTML tag marks ready and waiting for the bidding process flow smoothly.

    3. The title of your article is very probably one of the most important aspects of your article! Make sure your article is both the title. The first is that it must force the reader to click and read more and second one is it should cover the problems that your article will attempt to answer. Your title contains both the key benefits and the first SEO part of your article that everyone will see, so make sure it's a good idea.

    4. There must be no grammatical error. It is better to hire an writer who is familiar with search engine optimization. He must know how to include keywords in the article so that it can be optimized. If the article is not optimized keywords, it will not rank highly in search engines.

    5. Do not forget to provide quality information, but not to spill the beans by 100%. Let a single element or two articles of your article and use your resource box to tell the reader to continue and click on your link. Chances are, you want to promote a specific product or service, make sure that your reader knows he or she will get this benefit to continue to your website from your article.

    6. Be patience, submitting articles in the directory can consume hours or days to get listed. If the article is not optimized, no one will notice its existence. If you want your articles to generate more traffic, you must optimize it with 2% keywords. Do not forget to make your article informative. Tag the articles with rich content keywords which in turn help to gain more influence. Use those keywords which can be find easily by people.

    7. The main purpose of submitting articles to attract readers to your website.Submit articles on a regular basis in the directories too. If you do not do the job, you can always call someone to get a Freelancer to submit your articles for you. Submit articles regularly provides ever-increasing flow of traffic. The key is that the article submission in the directories is one of the best options for article marketing and SEO.

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    Re: Simple Tips on Article Submission

    To ensure that the flow of targeted traffic to your website from article directories, you must include a resource box at the end of each article. The resource box contains a small brief about you or your company, the site URL and any other relevant information. This will help readers to click on the URL and reach your website. This is best for getting good feedback from the users about the article and comments on the same.

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    Re: Simple Tips on Article Submission

    I recommend you to create short error free articles to gain better traffic among the users. People usually search for information on the web which is necessary to get updated daily. It is not possible to keep on sending free articles. Decide which category you are working for and then send those articles for submission. Sometime it takes time to get index under any site or directories but there you must keep watching.

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