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Thread: Things you should avoid in SEO

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    Things you should avoid in SEO

    There are number of things that are recommended that you should avoid them. Mostly due to lack of knowledge and appropriate information we face such time when some practices effects the site ranking and traffic. At that time is becomes necessary to analyze what can be reason behind the same. A proper watch on your website will give you better information.

    1. Do not neglect your search for keywords, choose your keywords carefully. This step is very important in your SEO strategy. It is best to do this research before designing your site. Do not practice unethical techniques on search engine optimization. Why would you argue to be permanently banned from their index. Stick to create content unique and relevant to your topic.

    2. Do not use the same meta tags on every page of your site. Each page should have unique meta tags. Especially the Meta Title and also do not forget to include one or two keywords in your Title. Your title should always arouse curiosity.

    3. Do not use the same anchor text to link to all your backlinks. The same text used as anchor of dozens of links may appear suspect in the eyes of search engines. Try to different provide your site content on other websites which can maintain the importance of article. You must avoid incoming links i.e. backlinks. Also avoid negative sites because the PageRank of sites that blacklisted and they will effect your site. Inbound links from reputable sites are critical points for your SEO. Also do not over use reciprocal links. You can exchange links but in a small amount only. Above all, these links do not originate from the same IP address but different sites covering the same topic as you. Diversify your backlinks from blogs, forums, social networks, articles, press releases, bookmarking, digg-like directories, etc.

    4. It is bad to get obsessed with PageRank of your site. PR is simply a factor of your SEO strategy. With the changes and introduction of new search algorithms it is on become possible for a web page to get listed highly even with low PR. Also drive full benefit from social networking websites to get better benefit and genuine traffic from the web. Keep your site and blog updated on regular basis. Sites which are updated frequently receives visiting search engine robots.

    5. For start it is recommended that you must stay out of competitive keywords search. But later on you can choose competitive keyword to gain importance on the web. Learn about your competitors strategy and check how they get listed. It is recommended that you must avoid embedding Flash or large images on your web pages. Pages have light must also be part of your SEO strategy. Be aware that Google takes into account the loading time of pages.

    6. Target content based on your local queries. This is because Google algorithm provides better info on geographical based search. It prefers to give the user better local information for the users benefit. So better going for an worldwide content begin from the local search and then keep moving further. Avoid spelling mistakes and maintain good language.

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    Re: Things you should avoid in SEO

    Avoid using graphics and flash. The reason is that if you are working with an cms based company then better use more and more text. The web crawlers read the web through text and it becomes hard for them to read the flash and image files. It is vitally important for business owners to integrate social media as a new component in their marketing strategy every day. Use various social networking websites to gain genuine traffic and create followers.

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    Re: Things you should avoid in SEO

    I have some more points under this to discuss. Like you must no repeat the Titles multiple pages. It is really not recommended. Avoid duplicate descriptions that have nothing to do with the page or only consist of keywords. Long url also are obstacles in the seo part. Check that your site is not having multiple URLs pointing to an single content. Keep your web design simple and low so that the site consume less time to load.

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