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Thread: Customizing & Installing Google Chrome OS

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    Customizing & Installing Google Chrome OS

    OS Google Chrome is the new operating system. Based on the Chrome Web browser you were at Google think that a conventional PC takes too long to start. Chrome OS is different: The system is fast, starts up fast and, above all it works online. At the heart of each Chromebook is the Google Chrome browser. There are millions of Web applications, used by billions of users. Try a new application, or share it with friends, only requires a click on a link. The information available on the web are almost endless, and developers can use and combine applications to create new products and services. The Web is present on almost all available devices, from phones to TVs, and has the largest audience of all platforms. With HTML5 and other open standards, Web applications will soon be able to do everything that traditional applications can do even more.
    • Enable Sidebar: This option just refers to the page about: flags. That's where you can switch on the side panel, and reboot the device after your open tabs will magically left side.
    • Capture Screen: It is very necessary to send graphical information that is on your screen. And to make it very easy if you know how to do a screen shot, using hot keys. The system Chrome OS performs this function key combination CTRL + F5. New screenshot can be found through the file manager in your File Shelf> Screenshots.
    • Login to Chromebook: At the stage of authorization, anyone can log in to your account using your Chromebook as his own. If you do not like this prospect, you can prevent this from happening at the level of system settings. On the page chrome: / / settings / accounts should choose Restrict Sign-in to the following users and indicate below what users can use your chromebook. Those users who will not be listed, not able to login to your account, and hence will not be able to use your chromebook.
    • File manager: Another combination of hot keys allow you to call the file manager in any place. And this combination is Ctrl + M. In general, a lot of Chrome OS keyboard shortcuts. Help on the hot keys you can call the combination of Ctrl-Alt-/. A complete list can be found in our article.
    • Password to exit Hibernation: Instant wake up - it's very cool. Open the lid and a second later you're on the Internet. It can be easily avoided if on the page chrome: / / settings / personal select require password to wake from sleep. After that, every time you wake up the device will need to enter your account password.
    • Disable Guest login: One frequently cited pieces Chrome OS - setting in as the guest account - again allows friends and strangers to use your chromebook. If you know that share your precious Chromebook provide will not be for temporary use, then this option can be turned off on the same page - chrome: / / settings / accounts, with unchecking Enable guest browsing.

    Simple Setup
    • To begin, you should see if you have a flash drive the size of 4 GB and higher. If the equipment you have, and an archive of downloaded Chrome OS and create a bootable usb of cd out of the image file. You can use Win32 Disc Imager to extract all the files properly on your pen drive. And for disc you just need to burn the same.
    • Then go to bios and choose the bootable media. You can choose the usb or dvd. If you did everything correctly and flash card is inserted into the computer, then the next time you boot your OSes instead will Google Chrome OS or otherwise Chromium OS. Next you are prompted for username and password. You can try to enter the data in your account name. Do not pull out the USB Flash while running an operating system. Also do not use the other USB ports. Most if not properly removing flash-drives, with the voltage drop stop working USB ports.
    • The OS loads quickly. Almost immediately be presented with a login screen, using your Google account to login. After entering - again - a browser, Chromium to be precise. Gmail and Google Calendar as a separate Tabbed by default. All that is the browser so without much surprise, the applications are all web applications. You can access them by clicking the icon in Chrome / Chromium. The operating system is in the early stages and there are many options available at this time. Ethernet or Wi-Fi can switch on or off depending on your preference (it detected in my PC LAN and Wi-Fi in the netbook automatically).
    • Google Chrome OS changes from a browser to a free operating system. It allows to use the Internet with a large number of services: electronic mail, discussion, music, documents, and other research, in short, everything that can be passed through the web Although it essentially gives access to online services, Chrome OS boots quickly, with of course, a security system and isolated processes (Mandatatory Access Control), which, above all, allows only to drop static data (not executable).

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    Re: customizing & Installing Google Chrome OS

    Google launched Chrome OS, with its own Chrome Notebook, which was built and optimized to work with that operating system in order to achieve a better experience, speed and simplicity, to use a computer with hardware. It is time to know how well their support on hardware. The file is downloaded Virtual Box for the format, either in a compressed. Tar to uncompress the file you need WinRar. The extracted file has the extension. Vdi which is the virtual disk needed to run Chrome OS from Virtual Box. I found much easier to run setup with Virtual Box.

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