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Thread: Using phpBB and Wordpress together

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    Using phpBB and Wordpress together

    This is an question where most of the user do face trouble. Wordpress and phpBB are most popular CMS at moment and free. Rightnow there is very less information on the integration of phpBB, and WordPress. Second is that it is only possible with the latest version of WordPress. Wp-United is the only one way found to integrate both. Wp-United is an tool which provides you an kind of ntegration package that can stick phpBB with Wordpress tool and allow you to configure your site in your way. It is actually designed for phpBB users who want to integrate WordPress into an existing forum or to provide an blog support on their forum.

    WP-United also works properly when phpBB is integrated into WordPress. So it is possible that there is an kind of virtual integration options available for phpBB in the root domain and WordPress in a folder. You can use a mysql database or any toher. There is one restriction for this. The forums and blogs must be on the same domain. If this is possible then only you can use this out. You can also migrate your current Wordpress Users to phpBB.

    How to install WP-United

    • At first if you're using WordPress and never worked seriously with phpBB then your job is much easier. Remember that setup of WP-United is not similar to the installation of WordPress plugins. There is a bit stuff you want to do to make your site respond properly.
    • First before setup you will need to change the code in fifteen php files in phpBB. This looks a bit time consuming, but do not go with the humbers. That will consume around a hours or less and you will be done soon. And if you want to avoid this then there is a mod for that which you can use. It is called as phpBB AutoMOD. When you use this it automatically modifies the files of phpBB and save your time of editing it.

    Mostly it is strictly recommended to use AutoMOD so that you do not make any kind of mistake at the time of configuration. It is possible that at manual modification you can mix some codes or error can be done. So pick this mod and use this for less messy work and auto configuration. The other steps are automated where you can work directly on the cpanel of your site. There it is recommended that you have the complete manual of this. The manual thus guides you for the entire process.

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    Re: Using phpBB and Wordpress together

    I will too recommend to use WP-United. This is an platfrom which is used to integrate phpBB into WordPress and vice verse. This can be configured to share the users of both platforms and manage them as if they were one. Less hectic installation and it requires knowledge of HTML and PHP since it is necessary to modify some important files from phpBB. But also remember that you must test your site for this. You may find some incompatibility between versions of both CMS.

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    Re: Using phpBB and Wordpress together

    It is right to say that working with integration of WordPress and phpBB forums can be a nightmare. But there is an way by which you can take advantage of using both at a single time. There is an plugin that makes integration of both at some clicks. The name of that tool is called Wp2BB. When you have installed and configured, the plugin is responsible for creating new threads in the forum for each post or page published in WordPress. And then comes the WordPress theme, each entry or page shows the number of responses in the forum thread and a quick link to respond.

    What you can do with Wp2BB :
    • You can set options for post and pages which is created in different subforums
    • A user can create thread in phpbb and he can also choose the color of forum
    • It is possible to configur the threads text and same is also possible to display on Wordpress.
    • You can also configure the ext of the WordPress template which shows the forums link.
    • Before installing Wp2BB you can reate hreads in the forum to WordPress posts and pages

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    What necessary words... super, excellent idea

    Absolutely with you it agree. In it something is also to me it seems it is excellent thought. Completely with you I will agree.

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