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Thread: Avoid bans or fall into the Hotmail SPAM box

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    Avoid bans or fall into the Hotmail SPAM box

    The other day I was researching a problem post on a server that manages, for some reason, emails sent from all the domain boxes (fictitious domain) could not send emails to, first the problem was measured from a form in PHP, then checking, I saw that also affected shipments from webmail using IMAP or POP3 mail clients. Checking Exim logs I could see (in addition to sending the mail information) that highlighted the following among all the logging:

    Your e-mail 550 WAS Rejected Reasons for policy on this gateway. Reasons for rejection May Be related to content with spam-like characteristics or IP / domain reputation problems. If You are not an e-mail/network admin please contact your E-mail/Internet Service Provider for help.
    Researching on lists and forums, I came to know that hotmail is denying (or send emails to the SPAM folder directly)many connections from hosts that do not have SPF records in the DNS enabled domain, is another way to protect against counterfeiting post.

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    Re: Avoid bans or fall into the Hotmail SPAM box

    To fix this, I found a site that helps you generate the SPF record and then insert it into the DNS zone for your domain, the following is a generic SPF record that I produced that works in most cases, to insert:

    Edit DNS Zone

    pico / var / named /
    And add at the end of the area the following text, replace, ip-of-server (server ip) and-the-server hostname for the real hostname of the server (must match the back of the IP) 14400 IN TXT "v = spf1 IP4: ip-mx-server to: hostname-from-server ~ all"

    Then one is restart the name server, bind here and wait for DNS propagation usually 24 hours:

    / Etc / init.d / named restart
    Finally, we add our IP to https: / / / SNSD / addnetwork.aspx addition you must also fill out the form https: / / / eform.aspx? ProductKey = senderid & ct = eformts specifying if you have an SPF record and domains you want to add to the list of SenderID for Microsoft and is never wrong also analyze why we categorized as SPAM, we do that by joining the JMRP.

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    Re: Avoid bans or fall into the Hotmail SPAM box

    Well as sure as I would not be. You agree even when setting up a hotmail accounts to the terms and conditions of Microsoft. This certainly contain a clause somewhere that you start the service only "By convention," used or something like that ..but here it's all about the call from the mails from hotmail account without having to log in here! the windows user do the same with eg outlook! and there is no right or license to talk anything else! the tool, asl well as the settings are FUNZ too! I just do not know what it is that it always brings me the message, as if he were the hotmail server to not log in with valid credentials could!?

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    Re: Avoid bans or fall into the Hotmail SPAM box

    These are two sure ways to avoid spam altogether:
    1. Stop using email, or
    2. Use a "safe list" (a.k.a. "white list") that will only accept email from certain addresses.
    In Outlook Express you can do this by clicking on Tools>Message Rules>Mail, and following the prompts to list the email addresses you will accept mail from.
    Do this in Outlook by going to Tools>Rules & Alerts>E-mail Rules>New Rule and following the prompts to list the email addresses you will accept mail from.

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