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Thread: Tips to Surf Safely on Internet

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    Tips to Surf Safely on Internet

    The Internet offers a great place for online shopping, online banking, e-mails, etc. For many, the Internet is the medium of business. However, there are also people who like to make use of for worse. There you must carry out some precautionary steps to avoid bitter conditions. Your computer is a potential target for hackers, whether or not as part of a phishing attempt. When you surf, always remember to protect your PC with the appropriate programs like anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall or similar.

    The most important thing when surfing the Internet: The perfect fit for what information you continue to give of her! Do not give immediately your full name, your address or your phone number. There are also secure sites, such as the tivi meeting. Here, your data is kept confidential. This means that no one gets to your personal information.

    There are simple methods that help to ensure that you do not unnecessarily disclose much information. Stick to the ten COMPUTER compiled by safety rules in the gallery, you win a large piece of security - most things you have in their own hands.

    Periodically delete the so-called cookies stored by your browser when visiting sites. About these small files can analyze your surfing habits. And: Use Internet search services that do not store your inquiries, as each tells us something about your interests and preferences.

    Quick Tips :
    • Avoid incidents clicking too fast. Use caution before following a link.
    • Take the time to open an e-mail. Read the subjetct title and then only download attachments. Use a good email service with a good antispam filter out emails perfectly.
    • Beware of phishing attempts to capture your banking details. Users of eBay or Amazon are among the most frequent targets.
    • If you donate, be sure to know and fully understand the cause of the NGO. Do not make hasty decisions after reading a message or visit a website. Take the time to research and discuss on Twitter, Facebook or your friends.
    • Install safe software. If you are looking for a specific software, start by looking on trusted sites.
    • Activate your online protection, update your security software.
    • Install a firewall. It will check the ports I / O to your computer and blocks unwanted access. Zone Alarm is free and certainly the best known.
    • Social networks will become an important target in the months ahead: Be careful not to divulge too much about you or your privacy.
    • Choose strong passwords.

    Some More and important precautions in Detail :

    Plug-ins :

    Plug-ins are small software applications available on the internet that offer certain features, such as displaying images, play sounds, video formats not recognized by the basic browser or improving the ability of browsers. Features and qualities praised by some sites, ads, etc.. on the net, such as a higher browsing speed, better image quality etc.. are often false. And once installed, the plug-in may perform without your knowledge, various operations on your computer, which may extend to data theft.

    Plug-ins usually take the form of:
    • library file (extension. DLLs);
    • Active X (extension. OCX);
    • independent application.

    Do not react when ever the prompts to provide your account number, password or your PIN. Always keep your personal information secret. This advice is also available on the web as well as in the real life. We recommend that you remove as quickly as possible while suspicious email. Record Bank also always contact. More generally, destroy as quickly as possible any document, paper or electronic, that includes your credit card information.

    In fishing you get fake mails. These mails contain a link that leads to a fake Web page, called a spoof site. This is usually packed so real, that so many might lose their existing mistrust and really believes in a true side of his financial institution. At the fake site, customers have been added, a request to provide the basis of testing purposes" means the account or credit card number and / or password. Sometimes the customer will also be asked to enter their account using a TAN number is equal to - and the fraudsters have direct access to the account of the duped customers.

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    Re: Tips to Surf Safely on Internet

    There are some more tips that I found to be very helful. Install a virus protection program and an anti-spyware program and keep it always up to date. Install a personal firewall and update them regularly. It protects with proper configuration against attacks from the Internet and prevents infection of the PC to a computer malware that data can be spied send to an attacker. Make sure any new security updates available for your operating system and other software you have installed and run by them. Try not to work as an administrator on your PC as the malware can take a easy access to your system.

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    Re: Tips to Surf Safely on Internet

    The most common threat is giving out your password. For that you must be careful. Keep passwords and user names and access codes to services under proper security. Change passwords at regular intervals. 6. Be careful when opening e-mail attachments. Malicious programs are often spread via attachments in e-mails. If in doubt, ask a precaution after the sender that the attachment is really from him. Do not just go and download anything from any site. There are more chances of infection here in case of download.

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    Re: Tips to Surf Safely on Internet

    If you are using firefox then you can use Stealth settings. In the stealther configure you can specify that you want to hide the traces of your surfing. Whether the same is in the address bar or in the download window, or in any other format. When browsing, you leave a permanent mark. The browser stores data in the cache or in the folder for the cookies. In principle, nothing wrong with it. Finally, the pages load faster, and save on the entry of URLs and form data time. On the other hand, you may want to visit a page in between, from the other users of the PC should be told. With the Firefox extension Stealther just a click away, and the stealth of your surf tour is on.

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