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Thread: How to convert audio format to executable (exe file) with Audio Notes Recorder

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    How to convert audio format to executable (exe file) with Audio Notes Recorder

    You may occasionally need to record an interview, a meeting or a conference, so if your laptop includes a microphone, it is enough to add an audio recording program that works directly on disc. Audio Notes Recorder of Xemi is very practical and very gifted in this exercise. It can even export the recording as executable file (.Exe) that can be published on the Internet or email without anyone having to install the proper software!

    At the first launch of the software, it prompts you to set recording quality. It tells you the recording time allowed by the free space on your disk, based on the recording quality selected. Note that the software uses the concept of "cassette". The space is divided into sub-units called "cassettes" whose operation is similar to the one that we would make an audio tape (you can set multiple records on one tape, which allows you to group notes and interviews by topic). The maximum size of a cassette is freely re-definable by clicking Change Cassette Size Max. We recommend:

    - A recording quality set to: Radio/22 KHz, 8 bit Mono, ideal for voice.
    - One size cassette: 2000 MB, or about 30 minutes of recording.

    You can also opt for voice grade and size of the cassette, that is 650 MB (the size of a CD).

    Note: The software does not perform compression in the user registration database, but can export recordings to the compressed audio formats.

    Saving messages / notes / conversations

    To start recording, it is pretty simple. Simply click the red button, like on a traditional magnetic-tape.

    Note that even when the application window is closed, a control icon remains in the system tray (near the clock) of the taskbar. Just click the left mouse button to close or open the application window. Click the right button to open the menu of general functions and choose "Start Recording" to let it record immediately.

    To stop recording, click the STOP button or use the Stop Recording menu shortcut icon which is located in the notification area.

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    Re: How to convert audio format to executable (exe file) with Audio Notes Recorder

    Export the tape as executable

    There is a great originality of this software which is its export as executable function. With this, your audience will not have to worry about having the right player, good codec or file format! Just Click on SETTINGS at the top right on the edge of the application.

    - In the context menu, open cassette Export and select To Wav in EXE. Note that another menu "Send Cassette", is very similar, but makes it sending direct mail.
    - Select the name to give the EXE file and its location.
    - The function then creates a file with .EXE executable directly from a USB key for example, or any other medium. Once launched, this file displays a player ready to play the audio directly.

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