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Thread: How to add Facebook like button in WordPress blog?

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    How to add Facebook like button in WordPress blog?


    The "like" is a way to share in Facebook all you find on the Internet, can be applied to all web pages and not just blogs. The ultimate goal is to see how many people liked a particular article or website in particular is something of a counter Retweets.

    Button posts by WordPress

    This time, defying all logic will not do it with a wordpress plugin, as it is too simple implementation. The first thing we have to do is go to the plugin page on Facebook, select the options and generate the code.

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    Re: How to add Facebook like button in WordPress blog?

    As we can see in the image:

    • If you specify a URL, it will be static. For our blog, we leave it blank.
    • Standard option is recommended. It's a matter of selection (taste).
    • Show faces off, so do not overload the page.
    • Width according to where you will place on our blog.
    • Word to use like (like), or whether they recommend (recommend).
    • The source is left are the same or if retailers choose it.
    • Light color (light) or dark (dark).
    • You see, most are style options are chosen according to their taste to match your blog / page.
    • Finally, code is generated.
    Of all the options the most important thing is to leave the URL blank, choose the word like to be more popular and an appropriate width.

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    Re: How to add Facebook like button in WordPress blog?

    Once generated the code, copy the iFrame says because the other requires a special library of Facebook and it is our intention to choose the most complicated way. You will have to change the coding to automatically get the url of the current post. To get the url of your posts will add a php code permalink. The final code would be something like this:
    <Iframe src = " = <? Php the_permalink ();?> 
    & Layout = standard & show_faces = false & width = 450 & action = like 
    & ColorScheme = light & height = 35 & "scrolling =" no "frameborder =" 0 "style =" 
    border: none; overflow: hidden; 
    width: 450px; 
    height: 35px; 
    "allowTransparency =" true "> </ iframe>
    If you have chosen special options to create your button, you only need to change the part after the "href" with php code and add the locale attribute in the end. Or you can simply copy the code you gave them. Then we add this code in our single.php template in the creation of the post, usually after you call the title of the post. And that's it, keep them in every post that appears to have published.

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