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Thread: Important Tips and Tricks while playing CityVille

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    Important Tips and Tricks while playing CityVille


    This game is to build your own city with the help of your friends. You will construct homes, businesses, community buildings and other structures to advance level. You harvest products on your farm and you have to do missions that give you rewards, but one of the main missions is to become mayor of your city. Yes, you need to add your friends and neighbors to send you items for missions and other things that you will need, with 15 neighbors and you can unlock many options. Once you're a mayor you can unlock the dock and other options.

    Main objectives

    If you're a bit disoriented and not know which way to go, here are some ideas that can guide you in your game.
    • Build community buildings, this increases the ability to create and put business people. Create enough with the help of your friends.
    • Builds businesses, preferably those that give you more profit. You need money and they produce it.
    • Build homes. This will increase your population and these are those who come to your business, the more people, the faster your business will generate profit.
    • Get products and your business are initiated only if you provide these resources. You can get them in your farms harvesting and later by train or by ports.
    • Tackle missions, the rewards of some you will achieve little, but you are obliged to comply to further progress in the game. Meets especially ask you construct buildings and businesses.

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    Re: Tricks to get more coins in CityVille

    Tricks to get more coins

    • Visit your neighbors and click to their homes and businesses.
    • When you click to your homes, businesses and farms, first click on all of them and finally pick up the coins and other things going as quickly as possible to receive a bonus of coins. But beware that the bonus bar does not disappear, you can be picking up some and keep clicking your constructions.
    • Place decorations payment bonus payments will increase your business. There is 1%, 2%, 4%, 18%, etc, you should place them near businesses that give you more profits and earn coins faster.
    • The best way to put the decorations bonus is placed in the center and surrounding them with buildings that give you more profit.
    • It is a good investment to use your top 15 CV Cash greenbacks (which you get to increase each level) to buy a decoration that gives you bonus 32% pay increase in nearby buildings. It is called pond with bridge.
    • Use decorating with bonus they give you at the beginning (source sequence) when you subscribe by email.
    • Buy buildings that give you more coins for profit, just some, not many businesses need to create. And when you buy businesses that give you more money, change them in place and put them near the decorations with more bonus.
    • If daily supply exemptions you put into your neighbors will receive an extra bonus. This can be done from a home that you build, so no need to go to find your franchise, you do it from your city.

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    Re: Tips to get more products (boxes) in Cityville

    Tips to get more products (boxes) in Cityville

    • Planting your farms wisely. Choose plants of different harvest time, because if you put all of strawberries and out in 5 minutes, then you will lack energy to harvest.
    • Visit your neighbors and click on their farms to harvest. You must be careful to say "Harvest" and not "water" or waste your turn. If you say water, come back later when you say harvest. Do this on all your neighbors who have farms can give many products, 15 per farm.
    • Buy products in the "platform" of the train which is on the top. If you have coins, this is a good option. That itself takes a few hours depending on how much you buy so buy early.
    • Get Charlieville unlock the train. It performs all the tasks that have to do with business and trains. In the mission that asks you to make 3 visits to other cities, use the train 5 minutes.
    • The train Charlieville 300 products to sell you 1200 coins but it takes only 5 minutes, and no need energy and you can buy as many times as needed. Do not forget to pick up your products at 5 minutes and immediately re-send the train on more products.
    • Build your dock. This option also allows you to purchase products and does not occupy space and farms but requires energy and is not as fast as the train Charlieville.

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    Re: Tricks to get more energy in CityVille

    Tricks to get more energy

    • Sends power to your neighbors, this is the section for free gifts, when they receive the game asked if they want to return the same gift and you will have many chances of getting energy back. Send it to all your friends and preferably from 3-point if you can.
    • Calls energy. When you run out of energy and try to make a choice, the game will give you the option of seeking power, accepted and expected that your neighbors give you a little.
    • Visit your neighbors. The more neighbors you gather more energy, you get 1 point of energy a day for visiting each neighbor. Use this energy wisely when you're missing.
    • Return to the game every time, so you can use the stored energy. Spend it and allow it to fill another hour to return. Within an hour they accumulate 12 points of energy and 24 in two hours if delays over that you begin to waste the energy.
    • Next level. When you level, you fill the energy bar almost completely.
    • Spend your energy well before the next level, that is, if you need little expertise to the next level you must spend all your energy and do not let it accumulate. For example if you spend 10 energy and the level will rise for example to 20, but if you have to zero the up to 20 but took advantage of those 10 other things.
    • Delete your farm. If you already got the train Charlieville as efficient as it would remove most of your farm and leave a few to harvest corn in cases of emergency or for the harvesting your neighbors for you. Doing this will save you a lot of energy because each crop has a point of energy.
    • Do not waste energy in vain. Do not harvest if necessary, not collected your business less profitable, focus on giving you more profits. Expected to move from level to construct buildings that require several clicks.

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    Re: Key points to advance in the game CityVille

    Key points to advance in the game

    These more than tricks are all crucial if you want a prosperous city.
    • Get yourself a number of residents , 15 would be ideal and be active in the game to send each other what they need.
    • Buy the most profitable businesses, such as seafood.
    • Purchase decorations enough bonus to make more money and surrounding businesses are profitable.
    • Buy homes with enough capacity as bungalows.
    • Enough to start planting.
    • Charlieville unlock the train to buy products easily.
    • Meet the most important missions and postpone other without much utility as the snowballs.
    • Log in at least every two hours to take the maximum energy (the days you can play, of course).

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    Re: Tips on the game space for CityVille

    Tips on the game space

    It is essential that you optimize your space, especially at the beginning, keep the following tips:
    • Only the houses need to be on the edge of the road.
    • Businesses need to be connected to the road, but not necessarily at the edge. For this you can create a path from the road with your business using the sidewalks. Businesses must be in contact with these villages.
    • Community buildings need not be near the road, do not even need sidewalks. These can be all right to the bottom where they do not interfere.
    • Move the pieces of your road and creates a single straight path.
    • Create trails managed roads from the highway to your business.
    • Place decorations bonus, surrounded by businesses.
    • Place small decorations with 1% bonus among businesses, there are many small spaces that you can exploit. The fittest are the flowers Parterre.
    • Buy extensions throughout your single road, so you can add more housing to be necessary.
    • To purchase extensions need planning consents, is collected and ordering them in time.

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