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Thread: How to install a sound card correctly

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    How to install a sound card correctly

    Installing a sound card is very simple and can be done in a while if you know how. Open your computer case can be a throw back to people who are not used to manipulate the CPU or who is the first time.

    The key is to take it easy, take your time and do it as a fun thing. It's a good idea to begin with, open the box and try to identify all the components you can before you get to manipulate elements. To install your sound card follow the below mentioned procedures:

    Open your computer case and CPU

    The first is to disconnect the computer from the electrical outlet. Not just turn it off, but physically unplugging the wall outlet. Remove the lid of the computer case and locate an empty slot on the motherboard . Normally, in the back of the slot, you have to remove a cap that is where asome sound card with connectors for input / output. Again, remember that you download from static electricity by touching something metal. Do not worry, it will not cramp if the computer is unplugged. There are a wrist strap to protect these downloads own body and can damage internal components of electronics. You can buy at any shop.

    Takes note of anything you change, modify or disconnect to step back and remember how it was if something is wrong and must be reversed.

    The new sound cards must be inserted into a PCI slot . After removing the cover above, remove the sound card from its packaging, which must be prepared to protect static charges.

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    Re: How to install a sound card correctly

    Install Sound Card

    1. Take the sound card and align the PCI slot. Press the card firmly but gently into the slot, which should go smoothly. By being fully inserted, you should not see any of the yellow contacts must be fully entered into the slot.

    2. Set the sound card to the chassis using the screw you removed from the top of the back. The card should not move to tighten the screws and connectors must hover on the back of the computer.

    3. If you have a sound module built into the motherboard and want to install a extra sound card, most disabled the sound systems integrated into the motherboard. If not, see your computer manual or check with the manufacturer's website to change the jumpers to disable the onboard sound.

    4. Now connect the audio cable CD-ROM . Insert one end of the audio cable CD-ROM or DVD in the CD-IN port of your sound card. The other end plugs into the audio-out port CD-ROM or DVD.

    5. Check all connections before before replacing the front cover. If all is well, put the cover, reconnect all peripherals and put your computer on.

    Checking that everything works

    1. Now the computer should automatically detect the newly installed sound card and then try to install drivers or drivers for your sound card, which is the software helps to communicate with the sound card. If you are using a Windows OS, you should see a window asking for the software needed to enable communication with the computer card.

    2. If you can not install automatically, you card should come with a CD containing all drivers and software additional. Insert the CD and follow the installation steps when you see the window.

    3. You can verify that the card works when you restart the PC. If the card is operational, you should hear the Windows startup sound (if you have not disabled before). In some cases the card will be operating without restarting the computer.

    4. Install the sound card is that easy. It is advisable to have a good set of speakers to get the most out of your new sound card, which is quite simple and inexpensive today.

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