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Thread: Windows Live Messenger Webcam Tweaks

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    Windows Live Messenger Webcam Tweaks

    You want to have fun during your conversations with a webcam in Windows Live Messenger? With free software YouUp, you'll be able to apply effects to your head in real time. Developed by video game publisher Ubisoft partnered with Microsoft, YouUp will detect your face and captured by your webcam and apply the effects you have chosen, while following your movements.

    You can embed the video goggles, hat, mask, and various objects that will therefore follow your face for a surprising result on the screen of your correspondents. Note that YouUp is compatible with all webcams that work with Windows Live Messenger.

    • Installing YouUp:

    • YouUp is a free software that you can download from here.
    • Save the file to your hard drive.
    • Once the download is complete, click Run.
    • Confirm the launch of the installation program by clicking Run.
    • The installation wizard opens YouUp. Click I Agree.
    • Click the Install button.
    • Click the Continue button to confirm installation of the software in Windows.
    • Then click the Close button.

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    Re: Windows Live Messenger Webcam Tweaks

    Create a costume:

    With YouUp, you can create your costumes by combining different objects and seeing the results in real time on you.
    • YouUp run by double clicking its shortcut on the desktop or start menu.

    • Enter your Windows Live ID and your password (which you use to log into Windows Live Messenger). Click the Connect button.

    • Then click the Allow access button to access your contacts in WLM YouUp.

    • Finally, click OK.

    • Make sure your webcam is properly connected. You see in YouUp.

    • In Disguise tab, you have access to different objects to disguise yourself: earrings, glasses, nose, hat, for example ... Click on the heading Glasses.

    • Scroll through the various objects and choose the one you want to try. He then added in the list your portfolio.

    • Your range is applied in real-time image of the webcam and adjusted to the movements of your face.

    • Of course you can combine multiple objects to create your costume.

    • When you are satisfied with your costume, click the Save button the toolbox.

    • So you can access them quickly later when you make a webcam with your friends in WLM. You can then close YouUp.

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    Re: Windows Live Messenger Webcam Tweaks

    Apply disguise to your video conversations:

    You prepare several disguises in YouUp. You can now go in your video chats with friends in WLM.
    • Start YouUp.

    • Click Add an array.

    • Click on the costume you want to pass.

    • Then run Windows Live Messenger and login.

    • Start a video conversation with a friend.

    • YouUp if not, it will be automatically installed. It need simply identify themselves with the software and if it wishes to define a disguise.

    • The conversation begins with your costumes.

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