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Thread: Simply correct defective pixels of your LCD screen

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    Simply correct defective pixels of your LCD screen

    LCD flat panels have many advantages, such as a smaller footprint and reduced power consumption compared to older cathode ray tube screens. Unlike the latter, a flat screen is composed of hundreds of thousands of pixels. The problem is that some of these pixels may be defective: they no longer display any color or get stuck on a primary color: red, green or blue. They say that they are dead.

    So when you buy an LCD or a laptop, it is important to verify that all pixels are working well and no pixel is defective. In this case, you can then play the warranty of your screen to exchange it against a screen without dead pixels.

    UDPixel is a free software so you can verify that your monitor has no defective pixels. For this, it will display successively united colors on the screen. You will then see in a glance who do not respond or show poor color. Note that if you detect a dead pixel, UDPixel will allow you to try to repair it by stimulating it with a very rapid change of color. The result is not assured, but you have nothing to lose by trying.

    Download and install UDPixel:
    • UDPixel is a small free utility that you can download from here.
    • Save the file to your hard drive.

    • Once the download is complete, run the downloaded file by clicking the Run button.

    • Confirm the launch of the installation wizard UDPixel clicking Run.

    • Click the Next button.

    • Click the Install button.

    • Then click the Close button.

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    Re: Simply correct defective pixels of your LCD screen

    Testing the Screen:

    UDPixel will allow you to test your screen to verify that it has no faulty pixels. Here is how you can do the same:
    • Run the UDPixel

    • Click the Run button ring.

    • The software will cycle through funds from different colors on your screen.

    • Look out your screen and check that all pixels are displayed in the correct color. You can easily recognize a dead pixel: it does not light or does not display the current color.

    • If all pixels are displayed correctly, your screen therefore has no defective pixels.

    Repair a defective pixel:

    You found a dead pixel? You're not obliged to return to its constructor. UDPixel indeed has a function to try to revive a defective pixel by performing a very rapid change of color in the area that is problematic.
    • UDPixel run by clicking its shortcut in the Start menu.

    • On the right side of the window, scroll down the list Flash Windows and select the number of dead pixels that you want to repair.

    • If you know the refresh rate of your screen, select it using the cursor Flash Interval. Otherwise, leave the setting at 25 ms.

    • Click the Start button.

    • Then move the cursor flashing on the screen that appear in the places where the defective pixels.

    • Let them blink for 2 to 3 hours. If the defective pixel is still not displayed after this operation, a return to the constructor is required.

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    Re: Simply correct defective pixels of your LCD screen

    Return the screen to the SAV:

    If you are unable to repair the defective pixels with UDPixel, you will need to claim warranty on your desktop with its manufacturer to exchange it against a screen without defects.

    Attention, each manufacturer has its own policy regarding dead pixels of flat panel displays. For example, Asus will make a screen change in the following cases: 1 to 3 bright spots: not supported. From 4 bright spots support the warranty. 1 to 5 dark spots: not supported. From 6 dark spots support the warranty. Acer, Belinea, Formac and Iiyama, four dead pixels, all colors combined, are sufficient to invoke the warranty.

    Check with your LCD's manufacturer about its policy on defective pixels. If they accepts an exchange, you'll need to refer your screen.

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