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Thread: What software is most expensive in the world?

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    What software is most expensive in the world?

    Hey friends, i have a small issue with the software... Not any particular software but i have a question in my mind.. We use so much of software in day to day life but have you ever thought that what all efforts have been put in making those softwares... Or how much money it costs for developing those softwares.. Have you ever thought that what software is the most expensive one in the world.. Exactly, this is my question for you. What software is the most expensive in the world.. Please reply for this post...

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    Re: What software is most expensive in the world?

    I am not sure about it but if you are in some field such as electromagnetic fields and stuff.. then take a look at Ansoft products. For eg..Ansoft HFSS or Ansoft DESIGNER .. You can just do one thing..You can email Ansoft and ask them about their 'HFSS v10' product price. They will reply your mail,they will also send some information about the product but they will not send their price because its cost is really very high(Say about US $35,000+)... Looking at the figure itself you may have the idea about it....

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    Re: What software is most expensive in the world?

    It is difficult to say anything but any scientific software are very expensive.. Also CAD design (ProE, Catia) software's are quite expensive.I dont have the exact figure for these softwares.. According to me the most expensive I heard was a software with license for VxWorks which costs around US 200 000$... I have also heard that the most expensive commercial software is Autodesk Inferno graphics system which can cost you around $600,000-$1,000,000 ...Also the CORE IMPACT software costs for around $50,000 but it is available only for huge companies. And the rest which are available to all the people can cost you around $2000 or $3500, depending upon the category and what kind of software it is... So i hope you are satisfied with this information...

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    Re: What software is most expensive in the world?

    Renderware SDK– $200,000
    Source Engine - estimated over $200k
    CryENGINE - estimated over $200k

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