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Thread: USB memory sticks FAQs

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    USB memory sticks FAQs

    What is a USB memory stick?

    USB-Stick is a small, lightweight unit from non-volatile semiconductor memory (flash ROM) and USB interface. A non-volatile memory means that this Memory keeps its information even when power supply - unlike the main memory of a computer (RAM) must constantly be supplied with electricity. The USB interface allows connection to almost any computer in the last four years in the was made.

    How fast are USB sticks?
    USB 1.1 is up almost 1 MB / s transfer. The writing make USB flash drives 300-600 kB / s. While there is hardly ever so slow USB sticks, but the USB interfaces of many Windows 98 computers are not faster. With USB 2.0 write speeds can be up to 30 MB / s and write speeds of up to 25 MB / s reach. This appears only once significantly slower than a modern hard drive, but omitted but the latency for the head positioning and rotating the disk until the right sector. Compared to a laptop hard drive to see the values but not bad. Moderate speed so there is little other hand, USB flash drive to run programs from.

    Can I split my USB flash drive into multiple partitions?
    My USB stick has such large capacity that I like to partitions (multiple drive letters) would have several split it. This is for hard drives so often recommended. Is that possible? Whether the Windows is supported on a single bit in the USB Device Descriptor. So that Windows distinguishes between removable media and local media. USB sticks are usually recognized as a removable media and may therefore have only one partition. External hard drives typically treats Windows as a local disk, and therefore supports multiple partitions.

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    Re: USB memory sticks FAQs

    How can I format my USB stick?
    Such as floppy disks and hard drives have USB flash drives formatted to be that they are provided with some administrative information. As floppy disks are usually formatted USB flash drives shipped. Sometimes you have it but manually formatting - such as if one's USB flash drive without deducting cancellation, because that always worked already. The memory stick included in the delivery if possible some files. Before formatting the first time see so safely as possible and after.
    - The simplest method uses the context menu of Windows Explorer: USB flash drive (removable media) mark, press the right mouse button, "Format" option.
    - Popular for this purpose, a HP USB Storage Tool.
    - Quite well-suited to the format and Ubuntu Linux live CDs like Knoppix or. (More detailed description follows.)
    Logical that I, and certainly HP & Co. liable for any use on the USB flash drives from other manufacturers refuse anyway. A key factor is that the USB stick as Super Floppy , or as a hard disk is formatted. The difference is mainly in the interaction with the BIOS at boot noticeable. A key factor is that the USB stick as Super Floppy , or as a hard disk is formatted. The difference is mainly in the interaction with the BIOS at boot noticeable.

    Which filesystem should I format my USB stick?

    In principle, one can probably use any file system that can use the computers to use them all.

    - FAT16 is probably dead for this
    - FAT32 is the universal solution for virtually any operating system can handle it - Windows anyway, even Mac and Linux / Unix. But many ways of operating systems are lost, because it does not support this file system. Examples owner of the file and file attributes beyond Archive / read only / System / hidden.
    - NTFS is then a possibility, only newer Windows computer with the USB stick if you want to work. Then you can also Windows own compression enable (Explorer for folder / Properties / Advanced Attributes / compress content context menu). The "Encrypt contents" in the same window is only a good idea if the USB stick should be a computer used exclusively for this - about one night with his take home will backup when.
    - Other file systems are then justified when such specific properties of a file system or operating system to be used. In a pure Mac environment is certainly not a problem.

    How can I encrypt the data on my USB stick?

    If you already its most sensitive data on a key ring carrying around, you should also protect them against unauthorized access. In addition to the usual possible methods such as file passwords supply many manufacturers of USB flash drives with their own programs for this purpose. Usually the manufacturer does not document how the encryption works, so how good the protection is. Alternatives are programs such as Easy Crypto Deluxe. Some file systems like NTFS offer encryption methods. But I have no information whether such proprietary information to other computers can read back up.

    How can I save data on my USB stick?
    When a computer error data were lost to me on my USB stick. Or: I accidentally deleted data on my USB stick. Is there a chance to save data but still this?
    Under Windows, deleting and deleting two different things: who the trash emptied, the management information marked as invalid and the corresponding space of the same files as free. The information is still on the disk and there they are on another occasion only overwritten. Why are two rules:
    Nothing more on the medium. So off to do more, and not on that partition as well as install programs, to:
    With specialized software, such as
    - PC Inspector File Recovery,
    - Disk Investigator or
    - Recovery Manager
    Try, the data are from the media but to scrape.

    Can I run programs from USB Drive?
    Most Windows programs consist of an installation. Only a few programs can therefore simply a change of medium from start. Even if a program can be started directly, it can cause side effects undesirable, such as Winzip: It takes file types and carries over into a. context menus specific to the normal user of a computer, you do so no favors, for removing the USB stick is missing after the program.

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    Re: USB memory sticks FAQs

    How do I get drivers for my USB stick?
    In most cases you will not need a driver, because from Windows ME and 2000 are USB flash drives plug and play removable media, as detected by.

    - It is probably useful to the first connection of a memory stick as an administrator to log in before.
    - If Windows 2000/XP drivers require one, can in a previously installed, false, driver signature located. can delete the by
    - Windows XP, the file infcache.1 the system drive, deletes,
    - Windows 2000 with regedit the key infcache.1 extinguished.
    In the first case you are looking for with the Explorer, in the second case with Regedit.
    - Recent Linux kernel should also recognize a USB flash drive automatically.
    The situation is different in three cases:
    - Mass storage with additional functions, from digital cameras to MP3 players, often rely on non-standard Windows drivers. USB So want to producers probably additional functions to realize those who do not support standard drivers - such as a webcam function or the remote control of the MP3 Player.
    - Windows 98SE does not contain a suitable driver. The operating system is supported but the USB protocols, but not the mass storage required for features.
    - Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft was no infrastructure of USB. But there are drivers from other sources.
    - For the 16-bit operating systems provide the manufacturer of the USB sticks, probably mostly with drivers. But I have no idea whether Microsoft originate from, or the manufacturers themselves are knitted from. In any case, the driver drives does my Pearl memory with my digital camera. The problem usually is to install the driver.

    How can I boot from a USB stick?
    The problems in this area date back clear. But it is still true: for some combination of motherboard and USB stick it works, others not. Generally, these attempts to a USB stick without any additional equipment for use. To stick to make bootable USB one, you have to engage deeply in its data organization, possibly reformat it. Perhaps the failing due to the additional equipment or additional equipment, from MP3 players to fingerprint sensor it unusable. May help further a BIOS update, look at the website of the motherboard manufacturer (not the BIOS manufacturer). After testing the magazine PC World can be of many a memory stick and boot, manufacturer claims the opposite of that. Naturally, it is the complaints from the road. Importantly, basic disk, the BIOS at boot organization expects any. Here are the options "hard drive" (with partition table) or "super floppy" (without the partition table). The Windows standard and most of the other formatting programs generate good "hard drive".

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