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Thread: SSD with Max-Speed: How to tweak your system

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    SSD with Max-Speed: How to tweak your system

    An SSD makes your system faster automatically. Some details are there to observe it in any case. In the following we want you the most important 5 tips using your PC and give it built-in SSD. Assist you do best with the SSD Tweak Utility for XP, Vista and Windows 7 important settings automatically changed that.

    Tip 1: OS on the SSD

    Does your SSD at least 60 GB, it is worth it already, on the SSD to install the operating system. This speeds up the boot process dramatically and makes the overall system performance to another level. For small SSDs should the swap file for performance reasons, to another hard disk stored one, however. Small tools or programs that you do not use often, you should also put it on a normal hard disk. The same goes for movies, music or other large media files - that extends the speed of any hard disk completely.

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    Re: SSD with Max-Speed: How to tweak your system

    Tip 2 Windows 7: Use

    SSDs are a fairly recent achievement in the desktop area. Therefore, until Windows 7 - in addition to all current Linux distributions - the use of this technology and the so-called TRIM command to the intelligent selection of unused or invalid data blocks designed full. In a similar way, the latest Microsoft operating system (or even Linux) represent the first choice in the OS. Anyone who uses Vista or XP, some settings must be applied by hand in order to get the optimum performance.

    Tip 3 Current firmware using:

    Many SSDs have over time updates, new features or performance improvements. But these can not, for other hardware components, a simple driver update in the operating system used to be many such - must be a firmware flash will occur here. Visit the site regularly so the SSD manufacturer (eg Intel or Corsair) and look around for new versions of firmware. The procedure of flashing is then explained in detail.

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    Re: SSD with Max-Speed: How to tweak your system

    AHCI Tip 4: Use

    The Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) is an open standard that allows software on the SATA controller to communicate. Unlike IDE AHCI improves the performance of a hard drive (and a Solid State Drive) by several percentage points. On many motherboards IDE is more compatible to the standard set as AHCI operating system requires a special driver in, which often is not installed by default. Who Vista or Windows 7 will upgrade Windows in this mode, you first need a small change in the Windows registry and then perform in the AHCI mode in BIOS to enable.

    Tip 5: SSD partition not completely

    A known problem with many SSDs is the fact that they always slow down the time. Kingston and Intel recommend that to 20 percent of the available space not to partition about 10, to maintain the speed and the SSD also significantly extend the useful life. In a 60-GB SSD this would correspond to about 10 Gbytes, which is a considerable amount. The technical background is the so-called wear leveling of all SSDs, the cells wear out evenly to the Flash. SSDs are filled to the brim by reading and writing for some time and more slowly, as the controller components of the SSD to distribute the requests. Thus creating something similar to a fragmentation of the cells. Defragmenting helps here, moreover, nothing, because this action primarily to the positioning of the read / write heads and disks, and only applies to normal there-generated profits performance. With a SSD Defragment reached the exact opposite, by the many requests to write intensified the effect of the problem yet.

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