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Thread: How to manually patch Windows 7 (Genuine/No activation)

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    How to manually patch Windows 7 (Genuine/No activation)

    Before starting, extract the files given in the attachments in to a folder.

    1. Install Windows Activation Technologies for Windows 7: KB971033

    2. Launch the command prompt as an administrator and type in:
    takeown /f "%windir%\System32\Wat\*.exe" & icacls "%windir%\System32\Wat\*.exe" /deny *S-1-1-0:(X)
    To disable the WAT files and also to stop the scheduled tasks, if any, type this command as an administrator:
    schtasks /change /disable /tn "\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Activation Technologies\ValidationTask" & schtasks /change /disable /tn "\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Activation Technologies\ValidationTaskDeadline" & net stop watadminsvc & sc delete watadminsvc
    If you are on trial version of Windows then type the below command:
    sc create antiwlmssvc binpath= "cmd /c sc delete WLMS" type= own type= interact & net start antiwlmssvc & sc delete antiwlmssvc
    3. To stop any programs that are responsible for displaying and notification, type the below command with admin account:
    takeown /f "%windir%\System32\slui.exe" & icacls "%windir%\System32\slui.exe" /deny *S-1-1-0:(X)
    4. Copy the "user32.dll.mui" file from System32\en-US\user32.dll.mui to the extracted folder, and then run "Start user32 patch" and then patch it. Rename your current user32.dll.mui to user32.dll.mui.bak. Once again copy your newly created user32.dll.mui on the extracted folder to the system32\en-US directory. If you are under 64 bit OS then you may also require to copy it to the windows\SysWOW64\en-US folder.

    5. Again go to the command prompt, logged in as administrator, type "mcbuilder" and press Enter.

    6. Now go to the 32bit or 64bit folder (depending on your OS) and look for a file named "slwga.dll". You will need explicit access for this file located at "system32\slwga.dll". For this, in command prompt:

    "takeown /f "%windir%\System32\slwga.dll" & icacls "%windir%\System32\slwga.dll" /grant *S-1-1-0:F"

    If you are on 64 bit OS then you would full access to Windows\SysWOW64 directory too. Once you have done all this, copy the slwga.dll file from the extracted folder, from your respective OS type (32 or 64 bit), and paste it over the one in system32. Also paste it on Windows\SysWOW64 directory, if in 64 bit computer.

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    Re: How to manually patch Windows 7 (Genuine/No activation)

    Well the information which is mentioned in the above post is really helpful and i guess it will help many other in need users like me. Thank you very much.

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    Re: How to manually patch Windows 7 (Genuine/No activation)

    thank you very much

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    Re: How to manually patch Windows 7 (Genuine/No activation)

    please where can i find the attachment

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    Re: How to manually patch Windows 7 (Genuine/No activation)

    Quote Originally Posted by ifedire View Post
    please where can i find the attachment
    Well, you can download that from Microsoft's Official Page. For 32 bit, download from here And for 64 Bit, download from here.

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