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Thread: Using Remote Desktop Connection instead of WHS console

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    Using Remote Desktop Connection instead of WHS console

    What's the problem?
    Many of you probably already have noticed how there is no ready solution to the Windows Home Server. The console can configure the most important things, which for most users is probably sufficient, the server over the Internet to fully administer a possibility exists but not at first sight.

    The scenario :
    Imagine this scenario, that: Man himself is on holiday, but urgently needs the desktop of the home server access. An Internet link to the home server is quickly found an Internet cafe in. Even the call to the site to work. Calls can but unfortunately, only the console of the Windows Home Server. Software such as VNC or similar ruled out, since one in an Internet cafe is usually no way has this to install. It is at this point that at this HowTo. It should show how and from any computer in the world (internet connection required always) the home server remotely.

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    Re: Using Remote Desktop Connection instead of WHS console

    First, we open the Start menu of Windows Home Server and click on "Terminal Services Configuration ( Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools).

    A window opens with the following content.

    We click with the left mouse button on "RDP - tcp" and in the opened context menu on "Properties".

    There we click on "Start the following program when the user logs on", so that we can fill out the two lines below.

    Under "Program path and file name" you take the% windir% \ explorer.exe. This means that when an application is started via RDP always the explorer.exe. In the "Start in" I "C: specify \", but you can also specify any other directory. With one click on "Apply" and "OK" we close the window. The underlying window can also be closed. We have also managed already.
    The consequences of these settings are now noticeable in two ways.
    First one opens to a client - PC, Windows Home Server console appears, not the console itself, but the desktop of the Home Server. Gets second one on the website of the Windows Home Server, and click on "Computers" on "Connect to your Home Server" does not appear as usual the console, but also the desktop of the Home Server. The console is of course still callable. Either on the desktop icon or the Start menu.

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